Fat Chance - Day 5

Regained the pound, which is not surprising.  It was just water.  

Re: doing an all-raw day, I lined up my snacks for the day: peas, carrots, celery, cauliflower, bell pepper, avocado, and kiwi. Also V8, which isn’t actually raw, of course.  That comes under ‘oh well’.   So far, so good.

I’m not going to try to ‘diet’ for dinner times.  I’ll just eat my usual dinner.


Fat Chance - Day 4

Weight continues to be down one pound.

Last night I got so hungry that I pigged out.  This means that I did not succeed in getting into ketosis.  Why?  Because if I were in ketosis, I would not have been hungry.  But why was I hungry?  Apparently the lettuce.  I was hoping that so few grams wouldn’t matter, but apparently it was enough to keep my body burning sugars instead of fat.  If I do this again I MUST drink water, no matter how nauseous it is.

That said, I do think I was in ketosis on Friday, which had a good result both that day, that night, and most of Saturday.

Today I’m not trying very hard to eat right.  I’ve had sweet potato, white potato, and a sardine sandwich, as well as juice.  I expect I’ll have lettuce and tomato soup for dinner as usual.

Tomorrow, I will try to do an all-raw day.


Fat Chance - Day 3

I forgot to weigh myself this morning, but any loss would have been water weight anyway.

Stats:  BP 108/70, pulse 71.

So yesterday I ate about ⅓ head of lettuce as well as pills and 2 teaspoons of coconut oil

Today I got really, really tired of the whole thing and in addition to lettuce and coconut oil for breakfast and for dinner, I added a mini avocado to my dinner.  It’s not that I’m hungry, I just miss food in my mouth.

I didn’t sleep well last night in spite of the shoveling, so I will have that teaspoon of cheese tonight

Ambition not as great as yesterday, but not bad.

Pain might be down a little, but not much.


Fat Chance - Day 2

After one day of fasting:

I went to sleep easier, slept longer without waking, and got up easier.  

There is no less pain.

My ambition is up quite a bit.  In spite of the snow, I got up and went to Home Depot - an errand I’ve been putting off because it just seemed like too much effort.

Stats: BP 111/71; pulse 72.  Down one pound per my scale, but of course that’s all water weight;

I ate about 2 teaspoons of coconut oil yesterday, and about 1 teaspoon of cheese.  This was all to help me swallow my pills.  I got somewhat nauseated anyway.

Not feeling particularly hungry, but I was getting really thirsty.  I find it hard to just drink water.  It makes me nauseated.  I was desperate enough to drink about 2 tablespoons of low-calorie juice this morning, but that isn’t going to be enough liquid.  So I bought iceberg lettuce and ate about ⅛ of it.  That should be about  2 grams of carbs, 1 of which is fiber.  And lots of water.  That buffered my stomach enough to swallow a lot of pills.


Fat Chance - Day 1

So here it is: The planned fasting and diet.

The goals: Lose weight, reduce pain, gain energy, raise my pH, finish cleansing of yeast, refresh internal organs, improve digestion, … etc.

The plan: Simply not eat for three days - Friday, Saturday, Sunday - then move into a keto diet.  I will, of course, take all of my supplements, which are what I really live on anyway, since my overtaxed digestive system gets little value from my food.  When taking my pills, I may take a teaspoon of coconut oil as a stomach buffer.

The refrigerator is empty (mostly).  We won’t need it before Monday.  Hubby is fasting also, although with different rules and for a different purpose.

Stats: Higi has my weight at 184, which is 10 pounds higher than it was three years ago.  That corresponds to 173 on my bathroom scale, which I’ll be using most of the time.

My blood pressure came out today at 109/75, which is just about my average.  Pulse was high - 118 - which means I’m in afib.  My usual is 68.  I need to make sure I go heavy with magnesium today.  I hadn’t take any pills before going to do higi, and perhaps I should have.

It’s 1:00 pm, and I’m not actually hungry.  I didn’t expect to be; but the pleasure of eating is what will probably get to me.


Fat Chance

So tomorrow I'm going to try something drastic.  I'm going to fast for 3 days.  Total fast.  From midnight tonight through midnight Sunday, no calories whatsoever.

After that, I plan to do keto.

I set up with doing a round of CCWS, and I've been doing baking soda water every morning, so I hope I'm prepared for this.


Wonderful entry from Quora

I'm sick of paying for everyone else's kids to go to school. Why can't people without children pay smaller amounts of school tax than people with children?

Supurb answer, by Isaiah Tanenbaum

Once there was a man named Honi. He came upon an old man planting a carob tree.

“How long does a carob tree take to produce fruit?” Honi asked.

“Seventy years,” the old man replied.

“You idiot!” cried Honi. “Why are you wasting your time planting a tree whose fruit you will never see?”

“When I was born,” replied the old man, “the world was full of carob trees, planted by the people who came before me. So I plant this, so that my descendants and their neighbors might enjoy trees, as I did.”

And he went back to planting.

In hell, everyone is seated before a table filled with delicious food. Every kind of food they could imagine, right before their eyes. But to everyone’s hands are tied long spoons. And try as they might, nobody can feed themselves, because the spoons are too long to bring the food to their mouths. So they make a mess of everything, and spill food all over themselves.

Truly, a place of desolation, sadness, and want.

In heaven, everything is exactly the same. However, instead of trying and failing to feed themselves, they use the spoons to feed one another. And everyone has enough to eat.

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CCWS Day ---- does it matter anymore?

So I meant to really keep track of this, but I had to go to the Renn Faire ( July 29th, which completely wrecked me.

I mean, it's a great Faire. Many people say it's the best one in the country, but - 1. I've been to it so often I could almost say the lines myself, and 2. I'm just not in shape to be running up and down that hill! Although I greatly enjoyed the barrel ride - go see the video. That operator was fun to watch!

Anyhow, when it came time to leave, it took me an hour to climb back up the hill and get to the car. I had my crutches, but it wasn't enough. I used my friend's scooter last year, which was easier on me, but it took two men to push it back up the hill.

I will not be going next year. I'm really still recovering.

All that aside, I've kept on track with the CCWS. By Day 5 I was coughing and congested, which is the desirable result (for me), and disgusting as hell. I'm still coughing, which is good. The phlegm that comes up is the dead candida. It's also good (I think), that I'm nowhere near as congested as I was when I went through this the first time. Which I assume means that the candida wasn't as entrenched as it was then. And indeed it shouldn't be.

Unfortunately, I still haven't completely kicked the sugar craving. If I still have it when I finish the protocol, I'll have to take other steps. I've already bought Hoodia, which has helped in the past.