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Pursuit of Happiness, Chapter 1, Part 3

Pursuit of Happiness
A DomLijah Story

This is the sequel to Frozen in Time, but is very different from that one.

One: there is much less sex (now, I didn't say there wasn't *any!)and more 'love'. Also lots more angst.

Two: while Ellen makes an appearance, she is not nearly as prominent.

Three: This story kind of moves into an AU. In this version of history, Dom has started getting work in movies and never did 'Lost'. That's because I was writing it two years ago.

Four: The story moves back and forth among three time periods, so watch for them. Read the dates.

- Disclaimer: This is fiction. And not intended even to be wise. While most of these characters may be based on real people, I don’t personally know them. I made it all up out of my perverted little head. No, I don’t make any money at this.
- Archive: No thank you.
- Feedback: Please feed me. Praise is lovely. Constructive criticism is valued.
- Contains opinions, assumptions and situations that some might find offensive.
- This is a work in progress; however it is about half written and I am actively working on it. Feedback does stimulate me to greater effort.
- Please note that while most of this story is basically happy with just enough angst to make it interesting, there will be parts of it that some people will not want to read. I will post appropriate warnings of those chapters.

I have made every effort to present the background of this story in accordance with known details about filming, and in accordance with the rumors which I personally consider reliable. This should not be taken to mean that anything in this story is accurate or true.

    Pursuit of Happiness
    Chapter 1 Part 3


October, 2006

    Dom had never been so afraid in his life. No performance, on
    stage or for a camera, had ever terrified him so. Never had the
    outcome been so overwhelmingly important. On this, his life's
    happiness rested.

    Would Elijah marry him or not?

    He sat sprawled in the easy chair where he had landed, his fingers
    drumming on the table beside him, and watched Ellen pacing before
    the big glass doors in the dining room. All the times Elijah had
    listened to her. Would he listen to her this time?

    But his thoughts weren't on her, really, nor on the odd relationship
    they had had with her over the last two years. Rather, he thought
    about how it all started, here in New Zealand.

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Beta: The wonderful elfellon111, whose attention to detail has inspired me to be a better writer.

Series: NC-17 or E
RPS; slightly AU

For warnings, click here

September 24,1999

Dom was devastated. He'd enjoyed his meal with Billy's excellent company, but now, alone in his bed, he had plenty of time to think over the day's events. Billy had mentioned that he'd found it difficult to break through the American's reserve, and Dom had thought that ludicrous at first. His own first meeting with Elijah had been fine. It had been more than fine, it had been exhilarating. The lad's beauty had dazzled him, his innocent sweetness had captivated him. He even thought perhaps the boy was gay - something in the way he stood, in the gentle handshake, not to mention the giggle.

What had he said that had elicited that giggle? Something about the clothes, probably. Oh, something about a monkey suit, and then pretending to be an ape. He'd found Elijah easy to talk to and enthusiastic about the shoot. He'd had to caution himself to step back a bit; remind himself that he had just let go a relationship to take this job and how unhappy that breakup had been. And also to keep his distance from this charming youngster who might not be gay anyway.

Later in the day though, during the sword training, he'd suggested they all eat out together - "Just us hobbits!" Elijah had perhaps looked a little daunted at that, his reluctant agreement had seemed like simple shyness. Billy had asked whether it was first or second dinner they were going to. Sean had commented that Peter seemed to think that he, Sean, should have double of all his meals, so if the one didn't suit him, he could have another later.

And then a little kidding about a pretty girl and everything had blown up.

"Are all Yankees so touchy?" Billy wondered.

"I'm not sure what happened here," Dom confessed.

"I've been having trouble connecting with the lad," Billy explained. "He'll seem like everything's all right, and then just gets angry; and I'm not sure what I've done."

"So this happens often?"

"I'm afraid so. It does seem to be an American thing. Sean seems to know what it's about."

"Have you asked him?"

"I tried once. He seemed to think I'm dense. He said to me, 'Just fuckin' leave him alone!' But I don' think just shyin' away from the lad is a good way to get through a year an' more of shootin'."

"Yeah. I may be new to it, but it didn't look like Sean liked us all that well either. Kinda formal-like, y'know?"

"I know." Billy was pensive for a minute, but then he grinned. "Well, it's you an' me then! Merry an' Pippin! May the world beware!"

And the two of them, by mutual agreement, dismissed the unpleasantness from their minds and had a good time. But now, lying in bed alone, Dom couldn't get the blue eyes out of his mind. How friendly they had been when he first greeted Dom, how miserable during the diner conversation, how cold when he angrily left.

Easy enough to say, 'Merry and Pippin forever!' Something else again to see that lovely young face dejected and hostile.
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