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Wednesday. Where did it go?

I had the end of the living room all cleared out. The end that never got wallpaper four years ago when I did the rest of it. But somehow, when Raederle got home from work, I still hadn't started the job. May have had something to do with the two hours I spent going to a junk store. Goodwill, in this case.

Got four picture frames for under a dollar each for Raederle to frame some drawings. A pretty little glass lamp/nightlight for the dining room. A beautiful pink sheer curtain six feet wide and very long for Raederle's room. A couple pairs of boots.

What? They were all necessary purchases.

Anyway, we finished reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince from 3:00 to 4:30 (I always read that to her, and yes we only just got our hands on it.) Then I fixed dinner. Then I started in on the wallpaper.

Remember that I started this job four years ago? So first I had to find the wallpaper that I had stashed away, but that wasn't too hard. Then I cut two lengths from the open roll, soaked them and put them up. (It only goes four and a half feet up the wall.) I had to wait a bit for the third one, because it went over the outlet for the cable and Dale was watching TV, but then I did that one, finished the wall, went over and did the wall on the other side (none of which was as easy as all that - had to move Raederle's computer out of the way and stuff, and even go off line - yes, I was cut off!)

Then I took out the trim - the six-inch-wide edging to go across the top of it (five feet up), measured, soaked and applied. Naturally, it was crooked the first time, so I lifted it to readjust ... And the wallpaper underneath (from the roll which had been open for four years) fell off the wall!

This was about 10 to 9:00. Obviously, I couldn't unfasten the cable again. The wallpaper was neatly torn right around the outlet covers, and I took those off and just looked at the paper lying on the floor.

Then I watched Lost.

Then I looked at the paper lying on the floor. I felt of the paper lying on the floor. Now, of course it was basically dry by then, but I smeared a bit of water on it, and it didn't get slippery. No paste left on it. That paper had no more chance of sticking to the wall than my printer paper.

But I am not my father's daughter for nothing. First I looked for some Elmer's Glue-All. That mixed with water will stick the paper right up rather permanently. I did find a bottle. All dried up. I threw it away.

I filled a bowl with water. I was desperate. I thought if I soaked it again, surely it will stick, but I knew it wouldn't. Then I looked at the bowl.

Now when I was a kid, the word 'wallpaper' was said most often in conjunction with the word 'paste' - wallpaper paste. As in - that oatmeal tastes like wallpaper paste. However, back when I was *really* little, Mom *made* the wallpaper paste (which is how oatmeal can taste like it).

So I mixed flour in the water in the bowl, until it was all thick, about the texture of, well, wallpaper paste. Then I produced a brush and, heh, actually brushed it on the wallpaper. Just like Dad used to do. Way back when.

And you know what? It worked. That wallpaper is NOT coming off of there. I'm sure it will not come off even when I want it to.
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