Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Let's see. What have I accomplished lately? Not a whole heck of a lot, relatively speaking.

Besides the wallpaper, I put up a shelf in Raederle's room, fixed a *really* unfinished spot in the living room, painted a couple of shelves in off-white ...

Oh, that reminds me. I you ever want to paint over finished wood - they will tell you not to. Even if you sand it well, it might scrape off. I've always sanded well and then used a good (expensive) primer.

I now have a better way.

There is a paint out now that is made specifically to paint plastic. And guess what that glossy finish on new wood surfaces is? Yep. You spray this stuff on, and it sticks permanently - no flaking, scraping, or peeling off.

Maybe I'll get those two shelves up yet tonight. Probably not.

But I DID get lights up around my porch roof. I like them. I think of them, not as Christmas lights, but as winter lights. I use the icicle things, but to me they look more like a curtain, or valence, of light. I run them all winter long. By spring, most of them don't light anymore.

I found them on sale at half price. They're random sparkle, which I like a lot. I needed three 9' strings which cost me a whole $15. Not that I can even afford $15 on my present budget, but I bought them anyway. Then I climbed up on the ladder, drilled holes to put in hooks, because the previous system got mostly taken away in the aftermath of the fire, screwed in hooks, put up the lights.

One of the strings didn't work.

Take it down, go back to the store, find another box (there were only two left), come home, climb on the ladder one more time ...

It looks wonderful.
Tags: house
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