Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Have I bragged about my church lately?

Yesterday we:

- celebrated Solstice (and why it's important to sing and light candles on Solstice)
- hung mittens on a tree (to give away to the poor - also stockings representing individual commitments to a happy Christmas for some child)
- dedicated a baby (as a community, to love and nurture the child)
- learned about Harriet Tubman's Christmas rescue of her brothers (about to be sold further south)
- sang a lot of Christmas songs (the UU's have taken out references to God and Christ, substituting with such things as love, holy, etc.)
- had a meeting of Interweave (GBLTs and friends)

Oh, and three women from the choir sang 'Santa Baby' to the minister, seated in the isle wearing a Santa hat. Bear in mind that these singers are superb, and do a wonderful job of acting while they're at it.

Mike and Dave were telling how, only 7 years ago, someone complained to the minister when Mike impulsively hugged Dave in the church. Now it's only greeted with smiles. If noticed. But I recall that it wasn't appropriate for straight couples to do that only a couple decades ago. Now we enjoy the expression of love from whatever source.
Tags: church
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