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Christmas cards

Hallelujah! I am caught up! I have read every post on my flist, after not being able to read at all on Friday and Saturday, and being as much as 140 posts behind.

It is a sad thing how the small frustrations of my life keep me from being there for friends whose present situation is so much worse than mine. How is it? That such small things can get in the way?

You brighten my life. Not least of all by the cards I've received which I have not given proper recognition, due to time constraints. So I will list them all now (in no particular order):

From Renka54, a beautiful snowy scene featuring two male cardinals. I wonder whether the artist knew how slashy that was?

From NotAlone, a glittering, snowy bridge across a frozen stream in the wood. That's just how it looks when it's so cold. Like now. Good to be reminded how pretty it is.

From Mews, a warm and homey cottage, waiting for the children to discover their presents.

From Lisabellex, a winter scene from her home in England.

From Sulla_, a doubly blessed Peace.

From Elfie, fellowship.

From Denyce, fun.

From FrodoSweetStuff, another lovely handmade card, speaking of wonder, hope, and love.

From Moo, a sharing of family.

From Buckle_berry, whimsical good wishes.

From Prim, five wonderful packages straight from Middle Earth.

From KitCat, an invitation to enjoy life.

I feel truly blessed this year, to know you all.
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