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Dieting for Health

Well. I'm "on sugar" again. Not that it's news, I basically have been since September; but it's getting worse and worse, to the point that I now have a couple diabetes symptoms again.

I have to get up in the night to go to the bathroom.
Urine is too white.
Not thinking clearly.
Don't want to do anything.
Sleeping too long.
Hungry all the time.
Eating all the time.
Eating sweets all the time.
Lack of interest in good food.
Hips hurt when I stand up after sitting awhile.
I can't walk normally.

In other words - this is serious.

I wasn't ever going to be here again.

And every time, it's harder to get out of it.

So. Starting tomorrow (I hope), I'm going on the path back to health. I hope to keep a record here of what I eat, how my energy improves, how fast I can get back on track, and what I do to get there based on previous experience.

First step: Get myself to snack on something besides sweets. There was a time I could go cold turkey, but that time passed years ago. It doesn't matter too much what I eat, as long as I'm cutting the sweets and adding healthy stuff.

1) Start with granola in the morning.

2) Eat constantly. All the time. Eat at least one potato, one serving of meat, one cooked vegetable, and two servings of raw vegetable. Eat all the potato, bread, beans, rice, pasta, cereal, I want.

3) Don't worry about eating sweets. Eat them if I want them.

ETA: Mary took me to task about the starches. Not a problem. Starches get digested and processed by the body. Sweets don't. They go right into the blood, starting in the mouth. Right through the roof of the mouth into the brain. The diet I'm starting with will in fact put on weight if I were to stick with it. But it's all about stopping the sweets.
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