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I spent most of the day at the World Championship Super Grands yesterday. This is a very big Sport Karate (and other martial arts) tournament, run once a year in different cities throughout the US. This is the sixteenth year. It was supposed to be in New Orleans in November, but that obviously wasn't happening, so it got rerouted to Buffalo, where Boice could put it together quickly and conveniently.

He basically rented out the Adam's Mark hotel, the most prestigious one in Buffalo (if that counts for anything), for two weeks. Not exclusively, no, but he has the Grand Ballroom and most of the rooms are rented to participants.

Go take a look here, if you're interested in seeing more details.

We watched some of the preliminary competitions in the afternoon, and played a game of laser tag ($2.00 each - yes, that's right) with the Star Wars movies playing on huge screens in the front corners. He spends $40,000 just on staff - I hesitate to ask what he spends on the rest of it.

Last night we watched one of the tournaments, which I personally found very interesting. I made The Family go, but they were less enthusiastic than I hoped. I intended to take the camera, but I forgot. Most of it will get posted on their site eventually, but I expect to go down Saturday afternoon for the Finals and take some pics then. I'll need to go get a ticket for that today.

Oh, almost forgot to mention that Boice is my youngest brother. The gay one. He's also a blackbelt himself, and the foremost authority on Roycroft antiques. *is exceedingly, offensively proud* English composition, however, is not his strong point, as you will observe if you read the referenced page.

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