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Some philosophical meanderings, dedicated to aina_baggins</font> who has brightened my life in so many ways:

I've always been a bit of a lone wolf, though much of it not by choice. I had problems as a kid (who didn't?) which led to my preferring my own company. But I never stopped hoping for good friends, good company, people with whom I could share my often extreme thoughts and ideas.

Over years, I learned that if I wanted to know someone, I should simply spend time with them, even if that time was somewhat uncomfortable. Using that philosophy, I compelled myself to spend time with my inlaws. That worked. I got to know them. Then I decided that I could live without most of them. But at least I did indeed get to know them, and we can communicate on more than a superficial basis.

Never did find more than a handful of people that I felt truly 'at home' with. So here I am on the internet. I don't think there's anyone even here who is 'exactly like me' in their way of thinking. But I guess if two people are exactly alike, they wouldn't have much to talk about.

I know I don't say much - I have learned that my mouth gets me in hot water, and I try to watch what comes out of it (figuratively speaking), but I want you all to know that I treasure each of you in different ways. Comming here and reading my friends's page is much like plunging into a delicious favorite book, allowing me to create my own world peopled by those whose company I truly enjoy.
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