Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Life Update

Two days of very-nearly sugar-free. Each day I capitulated in the evening and ate one Hershey's MiniBar. I'm pleased with that.

Couldn't sleep last night. I've been up since 4:00 after acquiring 2 hours of sleep. Worrying too much. Everything is coming down within a week.

Today or tomorrow they will shut off the cable for non-payment. Travanti was supposed to pay me all his back rent yesterday, but the money he was expecting didn't come through. So unless he gets that to me by 2:00, I'll be off line (for the most part) the rest of this month. I'll just use dial-up to pick up my email. I get 10 hours a month dial-up. That's about 15 minutes a day. Since The Monster is going in the shop today, it really doesn't matter whether it's today or tomorrow, now does it?

Someday soon here, the 17th sticks in my mind, we have to go back for the final bankruptcy hearing. By then, I have to have decided whether or not we will stay in this house. That has so many repercussions that my mind shies away from thinking about it.

Today's goals:

Find bankruptcy paperwork
Get a newspaper to finally decide whether renting an apartment is an option
Throw out at least three boxes worth of not-needed stuff
Move an additional three boxes out of Mary's kitchen to the attic
No sugar
Find $300 by 2:00
Tags: diet, house, life
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