Taro (mother2012) wrote,

I am back online and caught up reading flist, though I didn't make many comments.

But 'Hi' y'all!

Lying awake in bed this morning, I took stock.

- I have done pretty well with the diet plan.
- While the pain has receded, it isn't gone. I'm still limping, it's still difficult to tie my shoes.
- I'm having some difficulty sleeping, although not too bad. I lay awake awhile at night, and have to make a trip to the bathroom within 7 hours.
- Which by definition means 'frequent urination'.
- Urine is still basically colorless.
- Still constipated, in spite of granola.
- Still getting 'pink toothbrush'.
- Don't want to get up in the morning.
- General lack of ambition.
- With the little bit of sweet that I have had for the last week, all of these symptoms should be gone.
- I have to face it, I am *in* diabetes.
- Even though I'm still not snacking on sweets.

I meant to take my sugar count this morning, but I couldn't find my kit. Doesn't really matter. I would *guess* that it's running around 120 to 130, but that's only a guess.

SO. Scrap the 'easing into it' approach. Today it's cold turkey. If you can call it cold turkey after already weaning myself off the sweets.

Got to get the sugar out of the blood. No carbs. Not even vegetables (except celery) - carrots are too sweet, most veggies too high in carbs. Basically an Atkins diet. I really should have eaten absolutely nothing today, but I couldn't do it.

So I have now eaten: fresh shrimp, chicken livers, salmon, celery and V8. I am now tired of all of those. Don't know what I'll do for the rest of the day. I think I'll allow shredded wheat and maybe even cheese puffs. Both of those have carbs, but not a whole lot.

Oh, yes. And caffeine. I was reading recently that coffee drinkers are far less likely to become diabetic. I think it's because they resort to caffeine instead of sugar for energy. So I'm going to push my limits on the caffeine. I need to get things done, anyway.
Tags: diet
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