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Swiped from someone's LJ. Unfortunately, I don't know whose.
ETA: Thanks Elfie - from msilverstar, which I linked in the last post. I haven't had time to read it yet.

Q: Do you watch Dom's show Lost?

Elijah: Obsessively. I love it. I started watching it out of love and respect for Dom, and now I'm hooked. [bit more about the show]

Sean: [bit about his brother Mackenzie getting a job on there]

Sean: Dom and I talked on the phone maybe a month or two before he got Lost.

Elijah: and now he's found [audience laughter]

Sean: It was hard. There was a worry that we'd all become part of the Galaxy Quest [audience laughs]

Sean: It was hard for Dom for a little while, he was really hurting, he didn't want to be feeling it, he didn't want to be - as a professional actor, you don't want to be thinking at that 32 you're hanging it up. I was reassuring, I said that I was sure something big would happen for him, and the next month, he got Lost.

Elijah: It's easier for us, we live here, he moved here, from Manchester

Sean: He revered American movie making, could quote movies better than anyone else, really rough for a while.

Q: What's your favorite character on Lost?

Elijah: I don't know... [doesn't want to answer, audience laughs] Locke I think. It's difficult to pick a favorite character in that show, because there's a duality to each character. You can follow a character for four shows, and then there's a flashback, and they're different people. I think it's awesome, all the secrets and stuff, the symbols.... you know when the boy, what's his name? [audience: WALT!] comes out of the words, he speaks backwards [audience member quotes about pushing button good, not pushing button bad]. I look like a bad fan now.

Sean: I think you're in. You're not the sharpest, but you're in.
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