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I've been practically jumping up and down all day. THIS I can DO!

I think.

1) Has anyone come up with that email address for Creation, to tell them who and what we want?

2) How many people can we get in one hotel room? The hotel cost is going to be my biggest hurdle. Let's say it's $150 a night. Likely it's more. Say Thursday, Friday Saturday. Call it $400. Got to split it with at least three other people before I can even consider it. Must be lots of other people that feel that way.

A double double can put four people in beds. How about another two on the floor, each of which pays only half as much? Who's up for that? I'm afraid my old bones require a bed. I'll be on ORCinCA and ELFinOrlando yahoo groups, and expect we'll get another group for this one. I'll be there too. And any LJ groups.

Anybody know what to expect the ticket prices to be?

I'd like to get together with any of you who are going to be there, and I don't mean to just say 'Hi' while passing in line. I'd love to have another day, Thursday or Monday, just for hanging out with each other.

And room parties? Hell yeah!

Fanfic parties. Elijah perv parties. Food parties. PervyHobbitFan parties. Glossy picture exchange parties. DomLijah parties. Chocolate parties. Oops. Got to keep in shape.

I was all set to post today and say I was ready to climb back on the horse. Really. Even before I got motivated. But now I have to lose 50 pounds in the next five months.

Kidding. Mostly.

How about at least 20? That's doable, right? Even if I've never done it before?

So today is (mostly) a cooked vegetable day. Tomorrow will be all-veg, leaning toward raw, and Tuesday will be all raw veg. That's the plan anyway. No, not for Elijah. He won't know whether Taro is fat or lean. For you guys. For me.

Oh, and exercise. Will make sure I run my 200 steps at least twice a day this week, and work up to more.
Tags: diet, orc
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