Taro (mother2012) wrote,


Well, as I said I haven't ingested much of any carbs for two days, and in spite of the pain, I did make myself "run" the way I do (most of the weight on my arms); but with the urine still colorless, and running to the john frequently, and the pain, and the wakefulness, I really expected my sugar was way high. (Like maybe 130. Remember I guessed 120 a week or so ago, and I was right.)

So I just went up to my son's to test it. Bless him. He got his insurance to pay for a new kit, and gave me his old one. Meanwhile my sugar tested out at .... 86!

I'm blaming it on mew's healing. I actually hurt a little bit less too. I noticed that I was walking a little bit faster.

I celebrated by putting a quarter teaspoon peanut butter on my lettuce.
Tags: diet
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