Taro (mother2012) wrote,

On Monday I reported that my blood sugar was 86. I seem to have crossed some barrier because I'm not craving chocolate, sugar, or even much carb. The pain has receded every day. By Monday it was already better, yesterday I didn't use the crutch much, and today even less. I wouldn't have, except that I had to go out and do errands. So it's pretty much back to a 'normal' level.

For my own records:
Sunday night - 86
Monday morning - 89
Tuesday morning - 85
Wednesday morning - 88

I suppose this is a better track of how I'm doing than something like weighing myself daily. If I keep it under 90, there is no question that I'm eating properly, and will probably even begin to lose weight.

I'm eating a salad every day, a full serving of meat, one potato, vegetable, and no more than two slices of bread; lots of milk, probably cheese, maybe a bite of pasta.
Tags: diet
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