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Mardi Gras

New old Elijah pics from Mardi Gras.

I have meant to write up my Mardi Gras and Oscar experiences, but haven't been able to dig up the motivation. I think that's because I was deeply disappointed, and that it's my own fault.

I went into it with high expectations, which at first seemed amply fulfilled. Even though I messed up over and over, at first things kept coming up roses. I mistakenly set my departure date wrong and found myself without a hotel the first night, so La graciously allowed me to stay with her. She was very pleasant and everything a friend could be through all the inconvenience. I missed my flight from Chicago and got routed all 'round Robin Hood's Barn, and got to New Orleans hours late. La met me at the airport, which happened to be within an hour of Elijah's arrival (which La had figured out), so we stayed to watch him come in. He was so surrounded by security and they went by so quickly that I couldn't even get him on film.

EW arriving at airport. He is almost entirely hidden behind the girl in red. You can just see his head sprouting from her neck.

La rushed from the airport to the hotel where he was supposed to be greeting people, gambling that she knew the area better and could beat the caravan. She was right. I got into the hotel and went up to the greeting room, leaving poor La in a car she had no place to park. The room was so packed you couldn't move (I'm sure it was a legal fire hazard), and impossible for me to get close. I snapped off some pictures, but they are too far away to be any good.

When the action left that room, I was wanding about awhile because La had suggested I try to find out whether any other notables were there. I ran into a security guard who was talking with his girlfriend, and struck up a conversation. He told me that Sean Astin was there. Since it had already been established that Sean would NOT be there, I was dubious. The guard was insulted and informed me that he had himself escorted Sean to his room. La and I were delighted with our information coop, and hurried to tell MsA. Things went downhill from there.

Since obviously, Sean was in fact not there, it is a puzzle to me just what happened here. Did the guard misunderstand someone? Did he just put a name he recognized to whatever hobbit face was in front of him? I doubt both of those - he was a security guard, after all, and appeared an intelligent young man. I suspect that someone deliberately told him the name in association with someone else, who perhaps wasn't supposed to be in the hotel. Dom, for instance. The Krewes of Orpheus and Bacchus are rivals, and their Kings are not supposed to be interacting. In any case, our credibility was damaged, which I think bothered La a lot.

Don't want to say much more about the week - it was fun, I don't remember all that much, except the Bacchus Luncheon, which was wonderful (and Orpheuscapade, which was really fun - maybe I'll be able to recover some pics from that later). The food was good, and at one point Elijah was close enough that I could have touched him.

But I ruined that experience for myself, by messing with my camera. I had a much better time at NYC Lincoln Center with no camera to worry about. Instead of simply relishing the miracle of being that close to him, I was trying to get good pics.

After the luncheon, we all crowded around the roped-off area, waiting, and before long, Elijah came dashing through, running and laughing and throwing Bacchus doubloons. Strong arm that boy's got. He was trying to get them to the far corners of the room, and I was about six feet from him when he got me right in the temple. Raised a souvenier which I wore for weeks. I should have fainted; sweet thing that he is, he would have tried to help. Instead, I have to be all macho and pretend it didn't hurt.

He worked back around the line, signing pictures, and I pulled a small one out of my purse that I simply had with me (autograph op hadn't occurred to me) and had it ready. But half-way round they called him back - time to get ready for the parade.

But he apparently pursuaded them that he could spend a few more minutes, and came back out! He started from the other end of the line. And he got to me. Just as he was taking the pic from me, he apparently heard something, looked up and said, "I've GOT to go," and left, still holding my pic!

Anyway, here are a couple of him working with the line of people, and one at the end where he is taking pictures of the crowd instead of eating.

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