Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Blood sugar:

Thursday: 94 (after big meal previous night)
Friday: 89
Saturday: 70 (after car ruined - I was shaking, so this isn't surprising)

However, the fact that the sugar can just drop so low (and not recover during a night's sleep) is really reinforcing that my body doesn't handle that system well.

I'm going to take mews advice and get litmus paper. It's on my list of things to do today, right up there with commit suicide. Coincidentally, I got an 'information' ad yesterday which is pushing that same concept.

In 20 years you can silently lose over a pound of calcium just by being too acidic. That's the total amount of calcium in one of your legs.

Many, many Americans have chronic acidosis and don't know it. doctors doen't even test for it. But you can easily test your own acidity, fix the problem, and reverse bone loss - without the need for a drug, a supplement, or a hormone.


Do you have ... Back pain ... muscle aches or cramps ... out of breath quickly ... heavy legs ...

Physicians like to debate the importance of calcium deficiency, protein overload, smoking, hormones and lack of exercise in osteoporosis, but hardly any have studied the role of acidity.

Our bodies are a lot more acidic now than in our grandparents' time. Over the years, our diets have shifted towards acid-forming foods and away from alkaline foods.

What they want to sell me is the list of alkalizing foods. They've got a sample list: Almonds, butter, cucumber, garlic, green pepper, herb tea, raw honey, lettuce, lemons, milk, oranges, peas, plain yogurt, potatoes, safflower oil, soybeans, string beans, vanilla extract.

I found a website that is more detailed about acids and alcolis: http://www.ctds.info/acidic-foods.html, but the focus here is on health of kidney and bladder. This quote is important in realizing that you can't just intuitively guess what foods are going to end up being acidic:

"If a food increases the alkalinity of urine after it has been ingested, it was classified it as an alkaline forming food. The effect foods have on urine pH may be quite different than the pH of the foods themselves. For example, orange juice is a highly acidic food due to its high citrus acid content, but after being metabolized it will cause urine to become alkaline."
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