Taro (mother2012) wrote,

So the sugar yesterday was 86 and today it's 79. After I did eat some sweet two days ago.

This is good. It's not healthy. As in, I'm in hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) rather than hyperglycemia (diabetes). That's rather what I expected, there's a difference between an insulin burn and hot flashes, and I was reminded of that twice in the last two days.

[Insulin burn - body senses sugar (as it's supposed to; normally), but overreacts to it, overproducing insulin and burning it all up. This keeps the sugar from going to fat, but then leaves you depleted. Also, in the summer? So hot! Not so bad an experience in the winter. Unlike hot flashes which are *always* sickening.)

Anyway, the hypo is better than the hyper, in terms of pancreas functioning. Based on past experience, if I continue to be good for three months or so, I will go into full insulin regulation; appear to be normal, and be able to eat an occasional treat without consequence. That is 'appear to'. If I ate the amount of sugar of the average American, I would be right back in it in no time. I would bet that if I ate no sweet for a couple years, I may indeed return to fully normal, but you know the chances of that happening!
Tags: diet
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