Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Written and posted by iolanthe_rosa:

Speaking of Cheney, I continue to enjoy the circus! I was reading in Salon the other day about what they called "Outrage Fatigue," the idea that after lying us into war, the war itself, torture in Iraq, and corruption scandals involving just about every Republican in Congress and some Democrats, global warming, torture in Guantanamo, Intelligent (sic) Design, insanity about gay marriage and abortion, Harriet Meyers, Alito, torture in secret facilities in Europe, illegal government wiretapping of its own citizens (PROUDLY and DEFIANTLY admitted to!!) the pathetic response to Hurricane Katrina, and - oh yeah - did I mention torture?? etc. etc, ad nauseum and, apparently, ad infinitum, Americans and the press were simply too exhausted to feel outraged anymore.

To which I say, "What outrage?"

The thing that has absolutely amazed me, lo, these 5+ loooooong years has been the way, after each and every lie, criminality, and scandal has been revealed, the people and the press have simply lain over and played dead. Where have been the 60s'-era-like protests, the 70's-era-like Watergate-style hard-hitting investigative reporting, breathlessly followed by the American public; the 90s-like Monical Lewinsky-type impeachment hearings pruriently followed by an even-more-prurient American public -- only this time over ACTUAL, ILLEGAL activities?

If I'm suffering from anything, it's from LACK of outrage fatigue! Instead of riots and civil disobedience, we get a so-called "left leaning" press falling hook, line and sinker for the Administration line over and over again. Instead of hearings, grand juries, indictments, impeachments, demonstrations, marches, and passionately warbling folk singers, we get shallow, short-attention-span articles and interviews leading to nothing but the press and public flitting directly to the next Shiny New Thing that this administration has kindly served up to us on a platter.

If this stupid, stupid, shooting incident, with its bumbling cast of characters: The Veep We Love to Hate and his Swiss Miss, the Drinking O'Doul's While Choking on a Pretzel and Hiding Under a Rock Prez; its lies,half-truths, badly managed and timed leaks; its crossed-and-delayed storylines; its hints of alcohol use and hotties-on-the-side; the bitter and hilarious ironies for gun-toting NRA supporters; its FORGOTTEN DUCK STAMP (caused by Cheney's staff forgetting to pay for it? His STAFF? my (non-existent) staff doesn't handle my backpacking wilderness permits, why should his staff handle his hobbies? And don't we pay for that staff by the way???)

If that's what it takes, finally to capture the American imagination and the press's fury and investigative skills, and it all somehow manages to lead finally to some gosh-darned OUTRAGE, then I say, GO FOR IT!
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