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Pursuit of Happiness, Chapter 3 of ?

Pursuit of Happiness
A DomLijah Story

About 5000 words.
Long filming flashback absolutely guaranteed to offend somebody.
Some x-rated slash, rather pretty if I *do* say so myself.
Very minimal het, set off by warnings so that you don't have to read it.

- Disclaimer: This is fiction. And not intended even to be wise. While most of these characters may be based on real people, I don’t personally know them. I made it all up out of my perverted little head. No, I don’t make any money at this.
- Archive: No thank you.
- Feedback: Please feed me. Praise is lovely. Constructive criticism is valued.
- Contains opinions, assumptions and situations that some might find offensive.
- This is a work in progress; however it is about half written and I am actively working on it. Feedback does stimulate me to greater effort.
- Please note that while most of this story is basically happy with just enough angst to make it interesting, there will be parts of it that some people will not want to read. I will post appropriate warnings of those chapters.

I have made every effort to present the background of this story in accordance with known details about filming, and in accordance with the rumors which I personally consider reliable. This should not be taken to mean that anything in this story is accurate or true.
Beta: The wonderful elfellon111, whose attention to detail has inspired me to be a better writer.
All errors are strictly mine.

For warnings, click here
For those who don't want to read any het:
I will post a * before a paragraph that contains any hint of het sex.
One * = very slight (in this case a kiss),
***** = full on, NC17-type sex.
There will be a ** where it's 'safe' to read again.

    Pursuit of Happiness
    Chapter 3

September 2005

Ellen wandered to the kitchen expecting to be the only one up, but Dom was scrambling eggs while Elijah set the table. She hesitated in the doorway. "Do you always do this?" she asked.

"No." Dom's reply was casual, his attention not wavering from adding just the right amount of bacon chips to the yellow hash in the pan.

"We just wanted to fool you into thinking we're responsible and domestic," Elijah elaborated.

"Oh. Good job."

She went to the refrigerator for milk, poured herself a glass. "What shall I get out for you guys?"

"Whatever juice is there."

They sat and ate in silence for a bit. Not uncomfortably, today, just enjoying the meal. The boys sat with their backs to the glass wall, so that for Ellen they were backed by a glorious view of meadows and mountains. She watched the movements, the interactions. Every one of the four hands knew exactly what the others were doing all the time. Elijah would reach for the salt and Dom would put it in his hand, wordlessly. Dom knocked his fork with an elbow and Elijah caught it before it could tumble to the floor. Like Olympic Ice Dancing, moving together in rhythm, always there for each other, never in the way.

She downed the last swallow of milk, set down her glass. "Okay. What's on the agenda?"

"Dom's only got a couple of days right now," Elijah said, and Dom took up the explanation.

"I have to get back to filming in Italy. But that gives us some time to show you around."

"I want to pick out the reception hall while he's still here."

"Yes, we could start looking at that now. Shall we do that this morning, then?"

"It doesn't seem like good use of time right now," Dom replied, an edge of stubbornness in his voice. "And it's up to Elijah, anyway."

Oh, yes. Dom had said, "I'm afraid if I say, well, something like, 'I like daffodils,' then we'll get daffodils, instead of whatever he wants." Dom doesn't want to be involved in this planning. She thought about that while Elijah responded to Dom, his voice rising in exasperation.

"I want your opinion, Dom! I don't want to do the whole thing, and have you hate it. Or think I've done something dumb. I want to know that it's important to you, too!"

"Dom, I really don't want to take sides..." She paused because anything she said was bound to fall on one side or the other.

"You don't need me to pick out a place. I'll be happy with anything." He turned with a sweet smile toward Elijah. "As long as you're there," he added softly. Then, " I'd rather we went on a picnic."

Ellen grinned. A picnic sounded like a really good idea, and Elijah's stubborn expression was softening with Dom's gentle declaration. "Love it," she said enthusiastically. "I'd really enjoy a picnic." She turned back to Elijah. "Have you picked out any places to look at?"

"No, I was waiting for you before I do anything."

Ellen raised her eyebrows. Did he not trust his own judgment? "Why?"

"Well, in the first place, I've been really busy with things. And anyway, since you were coming, I thought maybe you can get Dom interested. He won't say anything except ‘That would be fine'." Elijah's frustration showed in a slightly sarcastic tone.

"How about you and I pick out some possibilities and then show them to him?" Ellen didn't hesitate over this possibility, but wondered in the back of her head whether she could talk to Elijah privately later about Dom's feelings in the matter.

He smiled at her warmly, stopping the world for a moment without realizing it. She managed to smile acknowledgment to his, "Okay. I guess that'll work."

And maybe I should really try to explain to Dom that Elijah needs to feel that it's a mutual thing.

"How long will you be gone?" she asked Dom.

"About five weeks, I think."

"Okay. I'm only going to be here a couple weeks this time, but Elijah and I can go over the stuff on my list and then he can show it to you when you get back."

"Okay. That's fine." Dom frowned a little, thinking that maybe by then it would really be settled and his 'yay' or 'nay' wouldn't matter much. But Ellen wouldn't be here then, and he was already glad of her being an intermediary in this. Would they be back to quarreling when he returned?

"So you won't be here when I get back?" he asked for clarification.

"No. I expect to come back in January. Will you both be here then?"

"When in January?" Elijah asked.

"It doesn't matter too much. Might be nice to be here for your birthday, if it doesn't interfere with your plans."

"I'm going to be filming in LA. I don't know just when it will start, but not before Christmas. Hey! You could come for Christmas!"

"I'd love to. But I do have family to think about."

"Bring Becky with you."

"Umm.... And she'd love it too. But I mean lot's of family to think about. We'll see how your schedule looks. But it could be early January just as well."

October, 1999

Elijah woke to the alarm. Four a.m. He could smell coffee ready in his new coffee maker that he set the night before, and bounced out of bed. Not that he really liked getting up at four in the morning, but he was still hyped on the whole project, on Peter's confidence in him, on the friendships he was making, on living in his own house; on the magnitude of the whole project. And he wasn't a late sleeper anyway, needing little sleep. And a good thing, too. He was aware that he was burning the candle at both ends, staying up with the guys (mates), talking, playing games, drinking.

With coffee warming him, he jumped in the shower. He liked getting clean twice a day if he could manage it. No soap - he used that last night, just a nylon net scrubber to chafe his skin until it was pink. He washed his hair at night, leaving it dry in the morning. It took a long time to dry and he didn't like getting his wig put on with it still damp.

Five minutes to go until the car arrived to pick him up. He pulled on socks and shoes, chose a clean shirt, added a belt to his pants. No jacket needed. He was outside waiting when the car arrived.

The car delivered him to costume. Sean was already there, and Elijah smiled at him happily. Sean was already in Sam's costume of the day, and had Elijah's all laid out. "Paula left these for you," he explained to Elijah.

Elijah stripped down to his boxers and shrugged into the shirt Sean held up for him; then took the short hobbit pants from his friend and donned them. Sean held the vest up, helped him into it, and Elijah felt a rush of happiness as Sean's hands caressed his shoulders, adjusting the vest.

"You didn't forget your key today, did you?" Sean asked, holding up the jacket.

Elijah giggled. Yesterday he'd forgotten it, left it lying on the table when he left the hotel, and Sean had made phone calls and chased people down until he'd gotten a replacement so that Elijah would be able to go home after shooting.

"No. I've got my key, Sean." Sean was like Sam. Always looking out for him, helping things go smoothly.

Together they walked over to feet, where Billy was already being fitted into the polymer while Dom was selecting music to listen to. An hour of squishy feet and glue passed quickly with laughing and joking, dancing and clowning, while trying to not move their feet. Elijah's helper complained frequently though, that he needed to be more stationary. In trying to be still, Elijah took a moment to study his friends, wondering how he had ever interpreted their playfulness as mean or spiteful.

They received script changes (again), and were carted off to their first scene.

It went well. PJ had chosen a scene which took advantage of his actors' high spirits and new-job enthusiasm. They collided with each other, chased each other, ran from imaginary threats, and ended up rolling down a steep hill, where Elijah's stomach gas was forcefully dislodged. It was a wonderful beginning, an exhilarating introduction to working together.

At the end of a long, stimulating day, they were returned to the food tent where a sumptuous dinner awaited them.

"What's the occasion?" Billy wanted to know.

"Orders to give the working actors a treat for dinner tonight," a grinning cook explained. "I gather you earned your pay today."

They lingered over the food, too keyed up to want to go home; too tired to want to go out, especially in view of the five o'clock call in the morning. It was the first time Elijah had felt quite so comfortable. Finally, he was doing what he knew he was good at. He had put in a hard day, and had no trouble keeping up with the others. Finally they were all just actors together, relying on each other, interacting according to direction, earning their pay. Finally, they understood each other, could laugh and joke and be real with each other. Finally, it was just like any other set he had worked on. Although he had to admit that it felt that familiar because he had somehow fallen into the role of the precocious and cherished youngster. He found that it was comfortable rather than insulting; he was used to it.

"Hae yeh e'er worked on a big film loch this, Dommeh?" Billy asked.

"Fuck, no! Biggest thing I've done is Monsieur Reynard. Nothing like this at all." He then turned to Elijah.

"What about you, Doodle? You've probably been on bigger sets than any of the rest of us."

"Well," Elijah blushed to have his opinion sought out, "I seriously doubt that any sets have ever been this big. Anyway," he cooled his feelings, forcing the flush down, "other big sets, no. Not really big." He smiled up at Sean. "Sean's movies have been just as big as mine."

"Oh, but my characters were kind of one-dimensional compared to yours," Sean protested. "Consider Stu, for instance. That was just brilliant."

"Stu?" Dom prompted.

"The War," Elijah and Sean chorused together. "Ten year old kid," Sean continued. "Goes from carefree to deadly serious. You really ought to see it."

"How many movies have you done, Lighe?" Dom asked.

"I don't really remember." Elijah started counting on his fingers. "The War, The Faculty, Deep Impact, Huckleberry Finn, Oliver Twist. I don't know. You know what was fun? North. I really like working with all those people."

"I liked Radio Flyer," Sean put in, when Elijah stopped for breath.

"We should see some of them some night," Dom enthused. "Get together three or four of them and have a bash."

"And a couple o' Sean's," Billy added drily.

"What's Bruce Willis like to work with?" Sean asked suddenly, thinking of North.

"He's fun. He's a lot of fun. Always cracking jokes. He was always trying to get me to laugh. And Reba's a card. When the two of them got together, we could barely get anything done."

"Mel Gibson," Billy put in with sudden enthusiasm. "What's he like?"

"Serious. Friendly. But kind of distant. Hard to meet his expectations ..." Elijah paused, trying to think how to put his cautious awe of the famous actor.

"Did you get to know him?" Sean asked.

"Yeah. He sort of became a friend of the family. I don't ... I admire him, but ..."

"Hard to live up to," Sean summarized. Sean had had his own 'living up to' to do.

"Yeah. He advised Mom on a lot of things. About me. She wouldn't let me take a part I wanted because Mel said he didn't like the people I'd be working with." He paused, reminiscing. "I guess he was probably right. I mean, I turned out okay. I guess. Didn't I?"

His companions laughed, making his face redden again. "Yes, you did, Doodle," Dom said gently.

Turning attention away from himself, he asked Sean, "You worked with Vince Vaughn, didn't you? On Rudy?"

"Yes. Strange person that. He could be really funny when he wanted to be. But he mostly tended to think he was pretty much above the rest of us."

More names were thrown around; Sean and Elijah asking about castmates they had known. Sometimes Dom or Billy would throw in a name famous enough to inspire curiosity across the pond.

"So what d'ye think o' Tom Cruise?" Billy asked at some point.

"He's a fag."

"What?" A chorus of stunned voices greeted this announcement. Elijah was surprised at their amazement.

"It's not unusual," he explained. "A lot of actors are. In Hollywood, anyway. But when you know they are, it's kind of creepy watching them acting all macho."

"Elijah," Billy said gently, "Isnae that th' essence of actin'? That yeh can gie a good performance aboot a person different from yersef?"

Not noticing that Sean and Dom were practically holding their breath, Elijah considered the question seriously.

"When I did 'Forever Young', Mel showed me how to be strong and soft at the same time. That's helped me over and over. In 'The War', in 'The Faculty' ... And especially now. For Frodo." There was no comment, and he tried to explain what this had to do with anything.

"The War was a big thing." He smiled shyly at Sean. "I appreciate your comment about that character. I worked hard for it. Mel and Kevin both worked with me on it. And Kevin was a perfect example. I was supposed to be more aggressive than he was, but I still had to be a likable kid; there had to be a soft side." He sighed wistfully.

"I never had any trouble with the soft side. Mel told my mom that I acted too gay." Elijah's cheeks reddened at confessing this. He was increasingly uncomfortable with this divulgence, but his friends weren't taking up any points - diverting, expanding, expressing their own opinions. Every time he hesitated, there was a heavy silence, and he felt like they were waiting for the punch line.

"Anyway, they showed me how to move and stand and stuff that shows aggressiveness, masculinity, even if your character is supposed to be soft and cute." As he hesitated now, he didn't notice the repressive silence while he looked back on a painful memory. His cheeks got so flushed they burned.

"They explained to me that a boy has to be careful in the acting world not to be influenced by the cute and cuddly image the director wants so often. When you're older, it can come back on you. They want masculine men for lead roles."

He stumbled to a stop. With no comments from his companions to agree or disagree with him, he felt like he must continue. His armpits were wet, sweat was starting across his back, his cheeks burned. The rush of blood to his head was beginning to feel uncomfortably like a headache. He plowed on, tossing off a summation that he hoped would end the topic.

"Anyhow, watching a faggot kissing a girl like he's all serious and in love just doesn't fly."

He had run down. He couldn't think of anything else to expand on the subject. He looked up at his companions to try to interpret their expressions and found that Billy was looking at him strangely, while Sean and Dom looked at each other, lips working as though about to say something, though no words came out. Then they turned to stare at him, giving the same uncomfortable impression that they couldn't find the words they wanted to say. And the stares didn't have the same friendly light that he had become accustomed to seeing in them. He felt like a specimen under observation. Finally Dom broke the silence.

"You know that Sir Ian is gay," he said coldly.

Elijah's eyes widened, realizing that he'd sounded contemptuous of the notorious knight. His jaw dropped as he found himself also speechless.

"I'm sorry," he said finally. "I didn't mean to be disrespectful. But he hasn't ever played really macho roles, has he?"

"Lij," Sean put in harshly. "The thing is you're coming off kind of prejudiced here. My brother is gay."

"Oh!" The full horror of what he had done crashed in on him. His innate kindness asserted itself, his need to get along, to fit in with his companions. The realization that no matter how close and friendly they were all getting, he didn't know their backgrounds all that well. He should have been more circumspect in voicing his opinion. "I'm sorry Sean. I guess I just don't know anything about gay people."

There was another moment of discomfiting silence. Then, abruptly, Dom got up and stalked away.

Elijah was confused. He had apologized. Now what?

"What did I say?" he asked.

Billy was also on his feet. "Dom is gay," he said, before hastily following his friend.

"Oh!" He had only thought he had understood. Now he knew the full extent of his offense. He sat with his mouth open as he thought about what he had said. He had implied that Dom couldn't play a masculine role. That he therefore couldn't do a good job with Merry. He had implied even that Dom was foolish and soft. His face was truly red now, and tears sprang to his eyes. Could Dom ever forgive him? The thought of losing that hard-won and very rewarding friendship made him feel sick in the pit of his stomach. "I'm sorry Sean," he whispered.

Sean gathered his young friend in his arms. "Do you really know what you're saying, Doodle?" he asked. "Are you really sorry?" He sighed. "I'll forgive you. I know you don't have a mean bone in your body. But you've hurt Dom. A lot. I know how Mac would feel if he were here."

"I'm really sorry, Sean." Elijah fought to steady his voice. "I've never ... never ... Mom would never have let me hang out with a f... with someone gay. And Mel ... he'd have a fit!"

Sean could almost feel his gorge rise. On any other shoot, with anyone but Elijah ... well, he would have at least avoided the prejudiced prick. But they had a year ahead of them, and Sean was very fond of the lovely, amicable star. And ...

He sighed again. He knew Elijah better than anyone else here. And he was beginning to suspect something which apparently Elijah was not ready to face. Perhaps the first step to understanding himself was accepting Dom and Ian for the men - and actors - that they were.

September 2005:

They spent the morning planning the ‘picnic'. It seemed that just going outside to eat was not sufficient. Ellen made a salad while Dominic went shopping for other goodies and Elijah got out maps. Then they drove for an hour, Ellen sitting in back where she could enjoy the landscape as well as the young faces in the front seat animatedly talking, debating whether they were really going to the destination Elijah had picked, which charity event Dom was going to appear at next, and whether to invest in some land. Dom finally parked the car alongside the road by a sunny meadow.

"It's pretty," Ellen commented doubtfully, noting the profusion of spring flowers, "but it looks a little wet."

Elijah's enthusiasm wasn't dampened at all. "It'll be dry on the hill," he said.

"Oh." To Ellen, who grew up in the eastern states, it was a mountain. But it did look interesting, the near face of it jagged and rocky with a profusion of trees not too far up. "You may have to carry me," she teased.


Elijah jumped from rock to rock, sure-footed in his sneakers. Apollo on the mountaintop, shining down on humanity. Dom hugged the stone, bones of the Mother, exploring deep into crevasses - Pluto, sinking into the earth. Ellen walked the easy ways in between, willingly going to Elijah to appreciate a view or to Dom to peer into a fracture, but enjoying most the athletic ease with which they traversed their terrain; Elijah's heart-stopping leaps over the chasms where Dom prowled, squeezing into impossibly tiny fissures.

Elijah called to them suddenly, having found ‘the perfect place.' A miniature meadow, flowers, grass; trees just beyond. Dom spread the blanket he'd been carrying and they laid out their feast - chicken and potato salad, cold pizza and raw vegetables with dip. Afterward they cleaned it up carefully, Dom running after a paper napkin that had blown away, while Elijah just lay down on the blanket to enjoy the weak sun and Ellen sat on a warm rock packing the basket.

Dom came up behind her suddenly, kissed her cheek while he wedged the napkin into the basket, then just stopped and looked down at Elijah. Ellen heard him catch his breath. "Yeah," she said in agreement.

He grinned at her, arched an eyebrow inquisitively, then took her hand and led her toward the sun god sprawled on the blanket.

Dom began unbuttoning Elijah's shirt while Ellen worked on his shoes. The t-shirt came off, and the socks. Elijah said nothing, just lay there with his eyes closed, grinning, like a toddler being undressed. Dom teased his nipples, Ellen massaged his toes, and he started moaning happily.

"Have a nipple," Dom offered, and they each nursed one while Elijah wriggled and Dom worked blindly at his pants zipper. Ellen heard it go and helped Dom pull off the jeans. Like a baby, Ellen thought again, mommy and daddy working together to ... No. More like priest and priestess worshiping Apollo.

They stroked him, appreciating the texture of his skin, the way he glowed in the sun, the way he moaned sweetly, the way he squirmed under their touch. Dom stood suddenly, divesting his clothes with efficient speed, pausing to take a small plastic packet out of his pocket, then knelt between Elijah's knees, setting the packet between his teeth. Elijah reached for it, but Dom batted his hand away. "No touchie," he said.

Ellen grinned at the game, caught Elijah's hands over his head and pressed them into the blanket, locking them down with her knees. "Traitor," Elijah whispered, voice hoarse with growing lust. She just smirked, watching Dom tear open the packet and squirt some kind of lubrication onto his fingers. Then, hands on Elijah's nipples, she bent over and kissed him, long and deeply.
Familiar but new, exciting yet smoothly comforting, like coming home. How often she had explored that mouth. More than a year ago. She groaned her pleasure into him, more aroused than she had expected to be. She had been keeping her emotions so carefully in check.

Elijah struggled a little to free his hands but found himself aroused by the restraint. He forgot it altogether, though, as Ellen's lips descended on his, her tongue demanded entrance, explored his teeth; and he sucked it in eagerly. Her hands caressed his nipples sending shocks through his body.
Dom's thighs were pressed against his own, Dom's fingers exploring his crack, finding his anus, pushing in. His whole body arched as those long fingers found his prostate. These two people surrounded him. He felt covered, enclosed, protected, loved, lost in sensation. How could he have ever thought that he could go a lifetime without this?

October, 1999

Elijah was not aware that he was hiding an issue from himself. He tended to be introspective, to want to understand himself, but he had been extremely sheltered within a family and system of beliefs that did not allow even the thought of certain aberrations.

Of course he liked girls. He certainly admired their beauty. He loved the feeling of a girl holding him, loving him. Sarah, for instance, in his early teens. He had even thought he was in love with her. But then he had felt strangled by her possessiveness, her need of him, her expectation that he would return that need in kind. He had enjoyed her coming to him, putting her arms around him, lying on the couch alongside him - he had needed to connect with other kids his age, and she filled a gap, gave him a confidence in himself. But when she started trying to get past the clothing barrier, when she started reaching inside his shirt to caress his skin and fondle his nipples, he realized that he was uncomfortable with it, and had no desire to return the familiarity. He figured that his mother's feelings about extramarital sex inhibited him. It was wrong, after all, surely. When he married, then he would enjoy physical intimacy.

He could talk with girls. He really enjoyed talking with them, giggling together, hugging and flirting; especially with the older ones, who weren't trying to grope him, and actually had things to talk about. Christina had been fun, at first. A replacement for Sarah. They had talked about the movie they shared and about acting careers in general. He had tried to enjoy kissing her, but between the fear that she would take it as a promise and the fact of his mother's presence, he knew he hadn't even given a good artistic performance, never mind the emotional one. It had ended up being rather clinical. The director had said, "Now put your tongue in her mouth," so he had done that. And "How does that make you feel, Elijah? Let it bring up your passion."

There wasn't any passion. Just embarrassment with his mother watching.

That his mother might have been relieved to see a passionate kiss never once crossed his mind. He knew her values and how staunchly she championed them. He knew how much she (and the rest of the family) had been hurt by his father's desertion, how much she wanted her children to be able to build stable, permanent families of their own.

(It certainly had nothing to do with being gay. He had put that demon to rest years ago.)

When Josh had kissed him, it stirred his loins, all right. He had sought out Josh's company at every opportunity during filming of The Faculty, seeing the chance to actually have a friend, a male friend to laugh and joke with. Josh had made him aware of just how protected and naive he was. And right toward the end, when he was feeling sad and lost because this shoot was going to end, when the knowledge of losing another set of friends was settling in, Josh had moved in on him.

And his body had responded.

He viewed it as a mental illness, something that could be cured by sincerity, right attitudes, prayer, conditioning. Something. In fact, it probably had to do with his need for a friend. Surely. He believed in God. God stood for everything good. Honesty, sincerity, loyalty, humility, fairness; treating people right. And God's proscription against men loving men was obviously correct - men are needed to love and protect women and to father children.

He loved women. He knew that sexually loving a man was wrong. But why wasn't he going farther with Sandy, a beautiful young woman whom he really enjoyed being with? Why did he keep thinking about Sean holding him the way Josh had?

He was here, on his own for the first time, poised between childhood and manhood, between dependence and independence with the absolute ability to choose for himself, and found himself with insufficient guidelines.

In the back of his mind, where all of these dark, shameful and neglected thoughts resided, he thought he must surely someday find the one woman he would love, that he would marry and have children. Because the only moral alternative was to never have love, or sex, at all. God's law must be correct.

September 2004:

Dom pushed in, bridging the defending muscle. A moment of resistance, a moment of pain, then the delight of being filled, the ecstacy of the stroke massaging the sweet spot, the knowledge of being claimed, being loved. The sun was warm on his naked skin, Dom's weight between his thighs, Ellen's knees pressing into his palms while her tongue explored his face and her hands caressed his chest. To be so imprisoned by love was a turn-on for Elijah, but there was no friction for his engorged cock. He struggled, not against the confinement, but to find contact for his crotch, unknowing and uncaring how his writhing body affected his lovers.

He felt Dom come, felt the satisfaction of causing that. His hips jerked and pumped, begging for attention, but Dom didn't touch him, and his hands were still pinned. He opened his eyes to look at Dom questioningly, but his partner was still lost in his passion, eyes closed, breathing heavily.

"Do - om!" he pleaded.

Dom finally opened his eyes, glanced at Elijah's frustrated erection and smirked at Ellen.

"Fuck you, Monaghan!" Elijah cried desperately.

Dom reached down to tenderly caress Elijah's butt. "No, fuck you, Doodle," he said softly. Then grinned up at Ellen. "Your turn," he said.
Ellen laughed happily, catching on instantly. Her job to get Elijah off. She pulled off her own clothes quickly, trading places with Dom. Elijah was surprised that Dom came around by his head and took Ellen's exact place, holding down his hands, stroking him, kissing him, as he felt Ellen come down on him, her weight on his groin, her tight warmth surrounding him. She stretched out between his knees, beating against him. He'd forgotten - this was why sex with Ellen was pleasant rather than uncomfortable; she made him feel like he was the woman - loved, beautiful, cared for. Her aggressive stroke was not much different from Dom's.

Dom leaned down to kiss him again, this time deeply. Now, just as he began to climb the crest, just as he gasped for breath, Dom pinched his nostrils so that he couldn't breathe. He flung himself into the orgasm, body shuddering, lungs screaming, groin throbbing, brain knowing only exquisite pleasure; and right at the peak, as he exploded into her, when he thought it couldn't get any better, he felt Ellen pulsing around him.
He gasped for breath. Ellen lay on top of him panting, while Dom laughed. "Funny is it?" he protested disgustedly. "I thought you were gonna fuckin' kill me."

Dom kissed him again, lightly. "What a way to go," he giggled.
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