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Blood sugar 72 this morning. Which has nothing to do with 'good'. Of course, objectively I should have remembered that when you pull back from diabetes you're going to be in low blood sugar. That *is* good relatively. Very.

It has mostly been in the 80's when I get up. For the record, since I haven't recorded it for a week:
Friday - 84; Saturday - 89; Sunday - 82; Monday - 87

On Tuesday, it forcefully reminded me about the state of my body. After eating a Hershey's mini bar Monday night, my count on Tuesday morning was 107. I didn't eat until I took the count again in the afternoon: 76.

Wednesday - 91. Not panic time. Just not nice and steady like it was for four days.

Today 72.

Conclusion: I'm eating too much late in the day, the sugar is rising during the night, then dropping off sometime in the morning.

This is not at this time adversely affecting how I feel. I'm not having any real difficulty getting up or maintaining ambition throughout the day. But I *am* going to have to get serious about eating after 8:00, when there is no opportunity to *use* the fuel.
Tags: diet
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