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Tuesday was mad. I left the house at 10:00 am and returned after 6:00 pm. At least I got all the little errands out of the way.

Daughterly has been complaining about a tooth, but time/money has been so short since the fire that we haven't done any Dentisting for two years. That included owing him about $60, which isn't all that much, but when there was time there wasn't money, etc.

So first I went to the bank to get cash for the dentist. Deposited a check from Mary while I was at it to cover money she'd borrowed. Then over to the dentist. Wait first, for other customers who won't take so long, then wait while the poor receptionist attempted to locate how much I owed. Seems I'd actually paid on it somewhere over the two years, so it was only $16. Paid that, made appointments; two for daughter, one for husband.

Being very logical and organized (for once), I proceeded up Grant Street (which I basically hate because of all the traffic and lights) to Guerccio's for cheese. Now Guerccio's is a strange place, rather like an oasis in the desert. It concentrates on the Italian customer, with pastas, oils, and spicy foods. It also has the most incredible prices on deli items. So I get my Lorraine Swiss cheese there. It's the best, and I go through a lot of it. (Use real Italian bread, at least a day old, two slices. Butter it(inside), add a slice of cheese. Dip in egg beaten with a little milk, fry in olive oil until golden brown. Yummy. This is my usual lunch.) While I was there I picked up a quarter pound of three Italian salads - makes life worth living for my husband - hot ham sandwich meat, six apples, broccoli, tomato, eggs, avacado. And the bread, of course.

Continuing up Grant, I stopped at the post office for the box which the mail man had not succeeded in delivering on Monday. Turned out to be the headlights for my car. If it gets warm enough today, I'll put them in and resurrect that vehicle.

Further on Grant, I stopped at Tops for the groceries that I can't get at Aldi's. Since I had actually done that recently, I mostly came away with non-food items - parrot food, flea collar, aspirin, mouthwash, and cream. Yep - thick, heavy cream - a whole quart of it. Makes life worth living. But they didn't have any sunflower seed. I buy extra sunflower seed to put in the parrot food, since Taz loves it and it's a whole lot cheaper per pound than the prepared mix. I also put whole peanuts in it. It gives him more to chew up - entertainment while eating. But I still had plenty of them.

We were also out of blueberry jam. Now understand about blueberry jam - it is the basis for many of the treats eaten here. Besides the fact that we prefer it on toast, it is also necessary for making blueberry pandowdy or blueberry smoothies. BUT. I buy only un-sugared jam. Blueberry seems not to be popular enough for the stores to carry it. Only Wegman's has it, in their own brand. So, already needing sunflower seed, I detoured over Amherst Street to Wegmans. Where I also got young peas (which I'm sitting here munching right now), and lima beans. Limas are another thing that there doesn't seem to be much demand for and is therefore difficult to find. But for the family as a whole, it's our favorite vegetable. And Wegmans carries the kind we like best. (Not counting the Birdseye brand, which just doesn't seem to exist anymore.) I also seem to have acquired a pillow. It had some really nice ribbon embroidery on it, used in ways I hadn't seen before. Since I like doing that myself, I *had* to have the pillow so I could learn the stitches.

Then I thought (Yes! I actually Thought!) that since it was now 1:00, I ought to call Mary to make sure she didn't have plans for her car that afternoon. (She normally works nights, so sleeps away the mornings. Our agreement is that I can take the car without asking in the morning.) So went to Geri's house, which was just around the corner, to use her phone. I told Mary that I would be at least two more hours, but to compensate, I would get the things she needed from Aldi's. Then Geri and I proceeded on the rest of the journey.

We went up Elmwood to Home Depot, for the gravel I needed to put in the bottom of my planters. ('Planters' here being loosely defined. What I got was wallpaper water bins, which are really cheap. But if they'll hold water, they'll hold soil. But they need a water-draining gravel in the bottom. I looked at locksets, since we need to change Mary's door lock, but they were about a third more expensive than our local Dibble True Value, so I didn't get them.

In the same plaza, we went over to Aldi's and I got six gallons of whole milk ($1.98 a gallon), three pounds of butter (one for Mary) (it's under $2.00 a pound there, folks!), lots of bread (some for Mary) (it's $0.60 a loaf there!), chicken ($0.49 a pound), ground beef and turkey ($1.50 a pound), cashews ($4.00 a pound) and a few other things.

Now I've remembered that I intend to make guacamole and don't have any appropriate chips. So I pull up outside the Tops in the plaza across the street, and Geri goes in to pick up the round corn chips that I like. As well as a few other things. While I waited, I drank a lot of the 'lots of pulp' orange juice that I got at Tops (three half gallons for $6.00).

In that same plaza is Office Max, so I went in there for printer paper. Besides regular paper, I wanted printable canvas and, perhaps not surprisingly, they had it.

On to K-Mart. They have this wonderful new toy. Remember the Furbie? Running about $50 each? Now there's the Aquapet, $8, same technology. Really cute. I had gotten one for Raederle when looking for planters, and it was so cute I had to get more. Well, they talk to each other. I got one each for Mary, me, and Husband. And they sit there and beep and sing to each other. It's like watching a bunch of three-year-olds. Especially if you tell them to 'sleep'.

K-Mart had a sale on socks - buy one, second half price. Does anyone ever have enough socks? Well, I do, but I'm different. I'm careful of mine. So Travanti has a dozen short-top black socks, Raederle has a dozen lightweight, cuffed black socks, and Dale has only six soft, over-the-calf new black socks (his are more expensive).

I still needed to go to Dibble, but first I needed to try to find the owner of the house we were looking at with hopes to buy. But that's another story for another post.

I got home about 5:30. Then remembered that I still needed the lockset so went around the corner to Dibble. And got a lot of plumbing stuff, too.

Finally home at 6:18; barely time for Dale to get to his Theosophy meeting.

Mary was upset. I had told her 'at least two hours' at 1:00. By 4:00 she was certain I'd had a car accident. I decided I'd better Over Estimate for her from now on.

On to the Saga of the House!
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