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Tonight I went to a writer's meeting. I've been meaning to go for months, but I never think of it during the requisite hour or two that is needed in order to actually get there.

Today I thought of it just in time. I was between bringing in the groceries and fixing dinner when I thought about it. I quickly called Barnes & Noble and was told that it would start at 7:00. It was now 6:40. I turned off the stove, changed my t-shirt and added a nice sweater, let them know where I was going, and went.

And was only 10 minutes late.

It was cool. The group leader has published several articles, and the focus of this group is to help you figure out how and where to publish your work. Three people had items to be read and critiqued, and to consider what the market is: a cute children's article on dragonflys, a nostalgic look at a refurbished ball park, and a letter of inquiry for a piece on battered and abused people in the service and their spouses.

For the millionth time I was told I should be an editor. Heh. Right. I already know that. Now tell me something I don't know. Like how, for fuck's sake.

Anyway, next month, I'll take in a piece or two.
Tags: writing
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