Taro (mother2012) wrote,

A day for things disappearing, I guess. I must have some kinda bad karma. Sometimes something happens that makes one question one's sanity and beliefs.

I was separating frozen hamburgers with a sharp knife and stabbed myself rather badly. (No lectures. :) I do it all the time and never cut myself before. I haven't cut myself with a knife since I was 12.)

Since a deep cut like that isn't going to stop bleeding anytime soon, I just dug my thumb into it and held it. (I do not use water or disinfectants.) In the meantime I wanted to talk with the kids about untrustworthy people, so headed up to the attic, holding my hand. We talked. I tried lifting my thumb and the blood welled up badly, so I held it more and let Raederle read her story to me (it's about 90 pages long, so far, and about reincarnated Amazons (teenagers, of course) and a dragon and a phoenix (and is really good even if there isn't any boisecksomg)), for about an hour, then decided I could put a band-aid on it now.

Raederle had bandaids in the attic, and got one for me. I opened the paper 'envelope' and the bandaid, with the paper backing still on it, slipped out and down to the floor. I watched it go.

I've had a long-standing habbit of watching something fall instead of trying to catch it, so that I can see where it goes.

Raederle and I were both watching it.

At about 6 inches off the floor, it simply disappeared.

I kid you not.

We both saw it.

Just gone.

We moved everything - the chairs, the shoes - everything. Bare floor for about a four-foot radius around the spot. Nothing. Now I can believe that it suddenly sailed sideways, but it was only a few inches off the floor. It couldn't have sailed far.

Just gone.

We are mystified.
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