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Oh, dear. I've spent all day on my new toy. FanStory.com. Post stories, poems, etc and get them rated by other readers. It's kind of complex but seems to be fair. And it works. I am now greedy for stars and rank.

Although there was the part of the day that I spent on the bathroom. Have I mentioned the bathroom? I don't even know. I've been so busy that I have really neglected LJ.


- Take down cupboards, towel racks, light switch plates, cupholder, toilet tissue holder, soap dish.
- Plaster the walls where they need it.
- Paint the walls light blue.
- Paint the shelves by the tub light blue to blend into the wall, with a frame of dark blue.
- Purchase, miter-cut, paint and install frame around window and door. This is dark blue with a stripe of maroon and gold (marker pen) stripes in the grooves.
- Put cupboards, towel racks, light switch plates, cupholder, toilet tissue holder, soap dish back up on the walls. In different places. Preferably where they have support behind them.
- Take out the centers of the cupboard doors. Replace with decorated ends of towels. Other ends will make window valence. Two more towels make the curtains.
- Get mirror for door. Purchase, miter-cut, paint and install frame for it.

Mary painted the walls. Then she repainted the walls after I replastered spots. And repainted after ...

Anyhoo, I'm on the cupboard doors. One towel successfully installed in door yesterday. Today, not so successful. It was a major pain to stretch it tight and get the border lined up straight. Then I looked at it and the doors hung crooked. I fixed one. The other suddenly went sideways, breaking the hinge. That's when I quit.

But not before the mirror fiasco. I wanted to totally cover the door with mirror, and foolishly bought new ones at the hardware store instead of used ones from the Habitat store. This would have necessitated drilling holes in the glass for the doorknob. Naturally, I broke the glass.

So I'll go to Habitat on Friday.

Tomorrow, I will pay bills. *makes vow*
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