Taro (mother2012) wrote,

I'm *so* out of the loop ...

I've been too busy for too long. It's been two weeks since I actually read more than an entry or two on my flist, and much longer that I haven't been able to actually be involved. And there is no way I can go back and catch up on all those pages.

It would be nice if each of you would leave a comment mentioning what's been going on in your life. As well as any nice fandome stuff.

I did read all my current stories from domlijah yesterday, so no need to catch me up on them. (Sorry I haven't had the time to comment.) And I know that Billy had a baby. Oh, and that Elijah will be on Punk'd tomorrow.

Anything else would be welcome information, and I'd love to be steered toward any good Elijah picspams.
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