Taro (mother2012) wrote,

I can *finally* express myself here!


I finally figured out what he says right at the end, when he bends over, then looks up and points: "Ya'll almost got tears here."

We don't often see our boy when he isn't on camera, or purposely performing. While I feel for him, and have thought all day about how he must have felt, I find it so ... warm? endearing? delightful? to see him being himself - to find that the off-camera Elijah is just as real, just as sensitive, just as honest, as we had imagined him to be.

(All right, he *did* hope that the whole thing would go away, that it wasn't his fault, had nothing to do with the tossed can. I know I'd have done the same. But he didn't lie. He did own up to it. While undoubtedly having visions of headlines reading something like "Frodo in Chains".)

Anybody notice that the cop made an error? He said, "What was in the can?" when Elijah had only referred to it as 'trash'.
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