Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Forsythia and Planter Box pics

Okay, it rained. The upside of this is that it was a nice gentle rain during the night. I take credit for that because I left the wash on the line and the car window open a crack. Does it every time.

Or it could be because there was rain on the way, but it has passed over us every chance that came up all spring.

The downside is that it was such a light rain that the roads and sidewalks (and, I presume, my wash) are already dry.

I should have posted these two weeks ago when I took them, but I always find it daunting to do pictures.

First, the glorious forsythia. They were perfect this year.

The planting boxes I'm working on. These two are now finished and planted. Two to go.

Then the bathroom project. The wall trim: (with towel-front cupboard doors)

And the trim I've put around the door:

Tags: gardening, house

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