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Don't click. I'm not being facetious. You really don't want to go there, unless you know the interested parties.

I'm only posting this because I'm rather sure it will be all over the internet shortly, and this person has already cost me valued friendships.

Also, I *did* consider flocking this, but frankly, I have nothing to hide other than basic human frailty.

What's it about? In brief; an extremely silly fandom war about protecting someone who didn't need it.

I will not include names. Too many people have been dragged through the mud. Nomenclatures do not even hint at the person represented. To avoid going into more vitriol and tangents, I have excluded some text, otherwise the text that follows is exactly what was posted.

I posted in W's Journal why I had appeared to snub her:

You had told me you were having difficulty with them, but wanted to maintain that relationship. Being chummy with me, I felt, would put you in bad odor with them, and you seemed to be having fun with them.

This was vociferously replied to by X (one of the 'them') with:

You never called me on shit, if you're talking about me. Ever. I called YOU on YOURS. I had asked her not to post in my journal anymore since she appeared to dislike everything I said. Apparently, my request is *her* calling *me* on *mine*. And don't go all woe is me, you manipulative, deceitful witch. This crap about what you did to Y at [event] was just unforgivable. I don't care who knows it. You had to be coerced into doing the right thing. That's just evil.

Own up to your shit. Oh. and pretending you needed the wheel chair. I loved that one. Why? Because Z actually DID NEED ONE? So you thought you'd cop onto that as a ploy?

Please. And taking money from people. And bragging that you came away from [event] with more money than you left with because of favors people did for you. Holy Cow. Do you know how vile that sounds?

"Protecting W" indeed. People are free agents. That's the dumbest fucking thing I've heard in my life.


And how you stalk Eljah. And swear up and down you'll ask him inappropriate questions. When you told that story about you volunteering at Toronto, it was quite plain why you were ejected from the green rooom. Scared the crap out of people, you did.

And since you started this shooting war on someone else's LJ, I see no reason not to reply.

All you seem to do is try to dream up ways to cheat people.

Call me on my shit indeed.

W: sorry for going batshit here. You know me. There are some things. that just aggravate me.

I tried to reply reasonably. I'm afraid I *did* get a little defensive in some ways. I had a stupid hope that she would see that she misunderstood the situation, but I didn't really think that had a prayer of happening:

I have debated and debated whether I should answer this, and I'm sure I shouldn't.

I don't know what Y told you; that's her business I guess.
(Y understands what happened, and we remain good friends.) But it's obvious that you have never had to panic over money. There was never any question that I would pay her what I owed her, as soon as I could get the money together. I came 'home' to find that our house had been burned. But the bill was *supposed* to have been paid in advance. They had previously assured me that it was. Forgive me that I believed them. I don't travel much.

As for taking money from people, or "came away from [event] with more money than you left with" - that's crazy - I can't imagine what you made that up out of.

The wheelchair? I only did that because the hotel insisted, and A insisted and B insisted
(roommates) I had intended not to go to that dinner, and sincerely wished that I had not. Obviously, I did not use it again. And again your lack of experience and ability to put yourself in another's place is showing. Wait until *you* have arthritis. (This event was just before my hip replacement operation.)

Stalk Elijah? Who was driving all over LA area looking for Dom's apartment? Inappropriate questions? To mention that he doesn't wear his ring? Wow. Next time maybe I'll mention that his hair is short.

Who's stalking who? Apparently you're still scouring my LJ looking for proof that I'm a 'deceitful witch'.

You're basically a good person, X, and essentially I still like you. You are also inflexible and self-righteous.

Sorry, W. I will not reply here again.

To which X replied (which is why I assume it will soon be all over the net):

I am taking this convo to MY lj out of respect for W. That you brought this up in the first place demonstrates a lack of empathy for HER which is your hallmark behaviour. You're not on my flist so we can discuss this in public.

If anyone (except X) wants to question me about my behavior, including why I posted what I did, feel free to do so.
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