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The House

Having gone through the second 30% insurance check and considerable redesigning of plans, I think I'll document where we stand.

We had the wiring all done. We had most of the rooms drywalled. I was thinking seriously about finishing the mudding in the dining room and getting the drywall primer paint on.

Suddenly a dumpster appeared in the driveway, and I knew that the time for procrastination was past. There was no telling how long it would stay - it had been conscripted by the contractor who did the roof to clean up the rest of the char thrown down in the driveway and yard. I enlisted help and we finished cleaning everything out of the craft room, then took down the lattice and plaster walls and dumped the rubble. But we had started on the bedroom last year, and it now desperately needed to have the rest of the walls cleaned out of there. So we hastily put up insulation in the craft room and moved everything from the bedroom (the former resting place of everything upstairs that we were keeping) into the craft room. Much more tightly packed, or it wouldn't have fit. Then the bedroom walls went into the dumpster.

At the same time, my nephew is planning on asking his boss whether he can take two weeks or more off work to just move into my house and work on it steadily. I'm for this, as long as it isn't going to interfere with his job. The boss says it'll be fine, and gives him four weeks. Now this is really good because Trevor has been trying to get away from the girl he's been living with for about 7 months. He didn't know she was pregnant when he moved in, and also didn't know that she was addicted to crack. So he moves in to the house. Good. Except that now suddenly out of the blue the boss says that Trevor had sold a customer a spring ($30 item) at a discount without authorization, essentially cutting into his business. Now he's fired. Oh yay. Furthermore, I slipped up in talking to my sister, and now she knows that. Double yay.

But life goes on. We were talking about what to do about how uneven the floor in the bathroom was (house settling in all but one corner) and discussed several options such as lowering the floor (did that to the attic over the bedroom, so I knew it was possible, but very messy and time-consuming) or raising the floor. Decided on raising the floor. Trevor tore out the wall between the bathroom and the hall,since it would need to go anyway and it would be easier to get at the floor. When I saw it, it was kind of like 'Whoa!', because it opened up that narrow little hall, the entrance coming up the stairs, and let in a lot of light. So as Trevor and I and one of the girls who's cleaning for me are standing around talking about this, I suddenly came up with a cool idea.

Trade the laundry and the bathroom.

Well, why not? They're right next to each other. The toilet only needs to be swung around to face the other way - no new stack is involved. Both rooms already have all the plumbing needed. Since the laundry room was bigger, we now have more space for the bathroom, and the new laundry will do double duty as an entrance, with the stairs swung around (now going straight up instead of making a corner at the landing), and the hall will now benefit from two windows, because of the window at the landing. It's going to look cool. Not so cool is the fact that they have already moved the washer and dryer, and haven't yet hooked them up. I'm being very unreasonable about that, and expect to have them back tomorrow.

The real issue though is the bathroom. The way the toilet stack was set up with other drains, we had to go into it either below the ceiling of the room underneath or up awfully high. Since we're raising that floor also, to even it out, we went with high.

It ended up 16" off the original floor. Go add 16 inches to the height of your toilet. So of course, not being normal people, we had to come up with a novel approach. So the toilet is going to have a high bench as though it were an outhouse, the toilet tank covered by wood panneling which merges into a vanity. And the tub has somehow evolved into a jacuzzi. Trevor claims to know just how to do this, having worked for someone who installed tile tubs. I'd much rather have this:
Isn't that gorgeous? On sale for $3000.00. Hubby won't do that.

So, for the contructively curious, a pictorial of how things are developing:
This was the laundry:

The doorway has moved to the left, so that I don't waste that wall space, and that is now going to be the bathroom:

The circular rail is where the tub will be, God Willing. The rest is the frame for the raised floor, which goes up two steps.

This used to be the bathroom. It had walls then, all the way around. What you see beyond the stairwell is the bedroom.
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