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Why DomLijah

Someone asked me (reference) “Why DomLijah”? And I want to answer that, but deeply and completely, not just off-the-cuff. So I’ve been thinking about it a lot.

The original full question was,
“Why do I have an OTP of DomLijah, rather than the obviousElijah/Sean (Frodo/Sam) or MonaBoyd (Merry/Pippin)?” And the superficial answer to that is very simple: I don’t have much interest in pursuing what the book implied, and I do not for a moment think that Dom and Billy have a ‘thing’, nor that Elijah and Sean have ever acted on whatever ‘thing’ they may have.

To elaborate on that a bit: Personally I think that Tolkien was gay, whether or not it was suppressed. This is not any kind of an in-depth study on my part, simply the snap judgement of knowing the political attitude toward it of his day (perverted, illegal, immature, undisciplined, selfish) versus the pleasure he obviously takes in playing with male characters. The female ones are treated pretty much like icons (Galadriel) or prizes (Arwen). The only one who has reality is Eowyn, who could very much be taken as a thwarted Lesbian.

None of which changes the fact that I am seldom motivated to read the pursuit of the relationships implied in the book. I am content to see that they exist. Though there are some really good ones (“The Courtyard of the White Tree” - Baranduin). I’m sure there are hundreds of good ones, I’m just not interested in seeking them out.

As for MonaBoyd, if Billy has any gay tendencies, he is hiding it really well. And he has made it very clear that his private life is off limits. I have no problem at all with people enjoying pretending that Billy and Dom are having sport together, but I have no interest in a relationship which I do not think possible.

Elijah/Sean. Slightly different dynamic. I do believe that Sean is in love with Elijah. It comes across in everything he says about him, in every greeting and hug. I believe that Elijah may be more than a little in love with Sean, but not in any way that is overwhelming. It interests me to see various aspects of this attraction being brought up in the fics that I read (and I mention it in my own). But I really have NO interest in Sean either divorcing or betraying his wife in pursuit of this elusive dream.

I read cards. I get a lot of gay men. Perhaps they sense that I may be sympathetic. Anyway, one memorable reading I did was for a man who was very bi, and had chosen to get married. He told me that he loved his wife (they had been married less than six months), but that he couldn’t get rid of his desire for men. I told him what I was inspired to say at that moment, which I find to be good general advice to most people: “Everyone desires someone outside their marriage sometimes. That’s normal. But it is not right to act on it. My advice to you is the same as to any man who wants to go out on his wife. You’re married.”

Again, if you want to fantasize it, I have no problem with that. But I have no interest.

So it all comes back to: I read DomLijah because I think it’s true.

Next post: “What business is it of ours, anyway?”
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