Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Gardening pics

Okay, managed to remember to get the camera while it was still daylight.
They're probably kind of big.

ETA: Sorry, they're Way Big. I don't have any way to edit them right now.

This is where I've cut the forsythia way back, like that bare branch in front that looks like a trunk. I'm going to have it in front of the rail instead of above it. You might be able to see roses in here, too. I want to train them above the rail.

Porch rail boxes, with lettuce, pansies, and gladiolas. In front is a tomato, and roses down on the ground.

A corner of the front yard, with the peonies.

The planter boxes. The one in the foreground has the finished rail around it, but no dirt in it yet. I just got in on the cement blocks an hour ago. The one to the left was planted last week, and has a cover over it to hold in heat and moisture.

Close up of my first box, with peas and marigolds.

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