Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Yesterday was such a good day for accomplishing things that I didn't take time to write about it. Today seems to be backlash day. For details, see here.

Another consequence was that I didn't get on LJ until evening, when I found myself faced with skip=180. Y'all were rather prolific yesterday! So forgive me for not doing much commenting. I read all, but between limited time and so much to go through (spending 4+ hours just reading), I didn't get into any conversations!

After checking only email, I went to work on Mary's kitchen. I should mention that there are two things dragging me down with the hopelessness of them - my computer crashing problem which is keeping me from watching videos or working with graphics, and Mary's apartment, which she deserves to have finished.

I still need to: get a light in the kitchen, fix the wall next to the bird, Houdini, so that he can't pull it apart, fix a couple of drywall areas in the kitchen, and a major one around the bedroom doorway. It all should have been done a long time ago, and I just can't seem to keep myself healthy enough to get it done.

But yesterday I built some shelves in her kitchen. She has a microwave which was designed to go over a stove, to provide light and vent, like a hood. We needed to put it up there. But behind the stove is the chimney, and you can't very well hang shelves on that. At least not without a whole lot of knowledge about fastening to brick. (It doens't *look* like brick - it's all drywalled - but it's still brick behind it.) So we finally decided to just build shelves. It *does* put a wood surface less than a foot from the back burner, but I think it will be all right. It also provides a little shelf over the back of the stove (no, it's not over any heat). I had to make a frame for the mw so that it could still do the light-and-air thing underneath it.

It looks great. It works great. And I got Something Accomplished.

AND besides all that, I washed the dishes. So what? Well, you recall we have no hot water. So every morning, I put a large pan on the stove and wash in that. Since I don't want to waste any of that precious hot water, I keep going until it isn't usable anymore. My kitchen has never been so clean.

Ain't gonna happen today. I'm tired and logy, and I need to work on Dale's computer. Yes, I just spent a full 10-hour day getting it on line, but then we took it upstairs and it doesn't work anymore. I suspect I may have to start over. I hope it doesn't take any more than, say, four hours, this time.
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