Taro (mother2012) wrote,

This may explain why LJ wants to separate its older and younger users:


'They' don't really like the total freedom of the internet. It is attacked by those who want to make more money off it, by those who simply are afraid of freedom, and by those who are afraid of 'corrupting our youth'.

I doubt that we can actually prevail against all of these forces. The internet is itself our best weapon - because we can freely tell others what is going on, raise popular protest.

I remember being afraid that the internet would cause harm to my daughter. We didn't restrict her based on what she could access. Instead we closely monitored what she was doing and discussed it with her.

And I am so proud of the child we ended up with.

I don't think most parents are willing to do that. Their concept of 'discussing it' is turning it off.
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