Taro (mother2012) wrote,

This is such a happening place.

This morning, while I had Raederle at the doctor to (again) discuss this stomach problem she's had for months and which we now all five have, the guidance counselor, Ms. T, left a message on the phone. Seems she had been misinformed.

All of the Buffalo guidance counselors had been assured by the Superintendant of Schools that there would be review classes for all Seniors who had failed a course that they needed. This was the basis on which she, and the other counselor, had called last week to tell us to sign up for the physics review course August 1st through 14th.

He was wrong. Seems that just doesn't go for physics. New York State Board of Regents does not issue a physics test in August. Students will have to wait for the January test to retake it.

This phone call precipitated more moaning and groaning and suicidal behavior.

In the midst of said moaning and groaning, I received a call that my yearly checkup for my hip replacement is tomorrow morning at 10:20. I was relieved about the timing, because I had just reached an agreement with Trevanti's father. Instead of giving my $100 a week, which he has not been able to successfully do, give me $50 a week and help me with the house one afternoon a week. He's supposed to come tomorrow afternoon. It's shaping up to be a busy day.

Anyway, I called Ms. T back to find out whether this was just Buffalo Budget Cuts or all of New York State, and ended up talking with her at some length about the foibles of the Buffalo Board of Education Buffalo Budget Cuts, the allocation of resources throughout the City System, and the hard-headedness of the current Principal. In response to her hinting, I offered to write a letter to the Buffalo News. At least, it's my name that will go on it, backed up with her knowledge. She, of course, would be fired if she becomes connected with it.

The only time she has to get together with me before August is tomorrow morning. So of course, that is filling the time slot from 8:00 am to 10:00 am.

And had I mentioned the modeling thing in the evening? Not going into that now, but the evening is spoken for too.

After spending two hours on the phone with Ms. T, Miss Joseph, and Ms. Taylor, we decided to find out whether there would be enough interest to run a 6-week summer school class in Environmental Science for Seniors who need their third science credit to graduate. They would have to essentially take a double in it in order to get in enough 'seat time', but they could theoretically go to school full time for the six weeks and get their credit.

Raederle says emphatically that she will not do that. She wouldn't be able to hold her job. Which is true, and I don't blame her. And the chances of such a class actually happening are maybe 20% anyway.

Mary gets the bright idea of getting a GED. I probably should have thought of it myself, but I'm not known for my sideways thinking. Trevanti called Chicago, Westwood says that would be acceptable. So he spent the afternoon taking a sample GED test online. So add to my list of things to do tomorrow going downtown to get them enrolled in the GED course.

Trevanti calls his father to discuss this idea with him. His father wants him to come over. In the meantime, I have taken Geri to pick up her spayed cat from the vet, gotten Raederle's prescription from the drugstore (they had to send out for it), picked up Dale at the busstop because he was late getting home and has people to pick up on the way to his Theosophy meeting, and am by then working on getting Dale's computer *back* online. (Supper? What's that?) But now Trevanti needs a ride to his father's.

Dale has the car.

I didn't want to go. Too tired to really continue thinking about this stuff, but this is important. And in fact Trevanti said later that it was the best talk he's ever had with his father. But Mary didn't want to take him, and thought I should be there, so I'm conscripted to drive Trevanti to his father's in Mary's car. (Don't forget to fill the brake fluid please.)

I *did* fill the brake fluid. I also noticed the car was awfully hot under the hood, but Mary had just been driving it around for a couple hours, so I didn't really think much about it. Three miles later, on route 198, it balked. As in, I'm going down the road at 60 miles an hour, and suddenly there is no power and a lot of red lights across the dash. It stalled. I put on my flashers and pulled over. The the steam started coming out from under the hood.

Coincidentally, my niece happened along at that moment, took Travanti to his father's, and called Raederle to tell her the car had a problem. I called AAA, the truck came in a reasonable time, and the mechanic offered the opinion that there is a blockage in the cooling system. I expect he's right, because there was little leakage of coolant. Never mind that Mary got it flushed just a few months ago.

The car and I were towed to Hammond's. Young Pete was still there, working on one of his own cars. He said he'd try starting it in an hour or so, and I went out to wait for the bus. I asked at the corner store, they said there was a bus scheduled and 9:35 - 15 minutes. I waited under the bus stop sign. The bus was ten minutes late - that's to be expected. I stepped out to the curb, pulled out my money, caught the driver's eye. The bus pulled over and slowed down.

Then it sped up, went through the light, and left me standing there gawking! It stopped down at the next corner and waited for a long time, through a green light. I don't know what the story was. Were there a bunch of travelers there? Or was he waiting for me? I don't hobble from one corner to another in less than ten minutes, so I didn't even consider trying it, especially in view of the fact that I couldn't be sure he was waiting for me.

Oh yes, on the list of things to do tomorrow, call the bus company and give them a piece of my mind!

I went back to Hammond's where Pete had tried unsuccessfully to start the car. Prognosis not good. If it doesn't start up, the engine is ruined from the heat. But Pete gave me a ride home.

I'm getting a major zit on my jaw. More like a boil.

Oh look. The cat is throwing up again. On the living room chair.
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