Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Dom, I love you!

Just heard the Ross track. Or am listening to it now, at any rate. And Dom is still neither confirming nor denying.

Now he's doing it with Evangeline rather than Elijah, but in my mind it all adds up to the same thing.

"So much of my life is on show." What he's doing, the music he likes, what he's wearing, etc. "The choices you can have are what you keep private." ...

JR: "Your relationship with Evangeline."

"My relationships."

... "This is what happens. As soon as you give those comments any kind of gratification, then people feel they can talk about it. ... If I talk about something I'm not comfortable with, they will come at me with it."

And even when they are discussing the actors of LotR, he never mentions Elijah.

Coincidence? I hardly think so. Going from always mentioning each other on the slightest excuse to never doing so; going from always showing up at the same event (even Mardi Gras - how cool is that?) to never being seen together. No coincidence here, I think.

I've kept pretty quiet about this lately; but never have I gone back on what I said a year ago: I will believe they have/had a relationship even if they personally tell me otherwise. Because if I can't believe the evidence of my own eyes, if I can't believe my own instincts, then what business do I have ever talking with anyone, ever asserting an opinion about anything? I am as certain of what I have seen between them as I am of my love for my daughter, and hers for me.

But as I said, I've kept pretty quiet about it. Because they have. Because it now looks to me like they need the public to believe them to be straight, to be in love with their girlfriends. And I'll go back to being pretty quiet about it. But I will never forget it, never recant it.

I had wondered whether Dom had decided that being true to himself was too hard - that going the traditional route was what would get him what he wants. Maybe he has. Maybe Elijah has, too. But this interview gives me hope.

Why should I call it hope? Why should it matter to me whether they follow their hearts or their careers? Yet it does.

I fervently hope that quietly, in secret places, they meet and love each other. That Evie and Pam know and understand, and are as willing to front for them as any of us would be.

I hope that someday, perhaps when the world changes, or when they are too old to worry about their futures, they will be able to shout their love from the rooftops, as I believe Dom wanted to do. I hope they will still love each other passionately. It makes a little piece of sunshine in my heart to think so.
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