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I was contentedly playing Spider solitaire on Raederle's brand-spanking-new Dell, when it suddenly froze. This is freeze as in they way they used to - right in the middle of something rather than the program at issue shutting down. We've been having a little trouble with the cursor suddenly flying across the screen and I assumed this was related to that so I groaned, "Gotta call Dell again." But I don't exactly have the phone number memorized, so I went to the laptop to look it up.

The laptop had decided to restart. (The cover had gotten closed.) So I have to wait about half of forever for it to load up again. Meantime? How about I call Joe Computer to check on the health of my baby?

Seems Joe has had it running smoothly for 3 days trying to make it crash, and it won't. How did he get it running when it told me it couldn't find the hard drive? It just started right up. So I have been without *mine* for three days for nothing.

So, back to the laptop, I started writing an email to Dell, and then had a thought - I should prove whether it's the mouse or not. Hmm. Another USB mouse did nothing. A round-plug mouse did nothing. Hmm. Won't respond to CTRL-ALT-DEL, either. So I told them they right well better get the thing fixed. Meantime, I'm running the Dell mouse on the laptop to see whether it gives any quirks.

Life is such fun.

What was it I used to like about computers? Hard to remember. Before LJ-land. Before internet. Before Windows.

Oh yes. WordPerfect. 4 through 6. It did everything. Letters, forms, finances. You could use it to manage and print any files, also. And interface with databases.

And before that was programming. COBOL, APL, RPG, FORTRAN. Charting out what your output would look like on graph paper. Punching cards.

Logic. Pure logic that one person could learn and understand.

I don't love computers anymore. I love the internet, Quicken, and word processing. It probably sounds like heresy, but Windows wrecked computers for me.
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