Taro (mother2012) wrote,

I am cool.

I mean, I rock.

Or, at least I'm not totally senile yet.

Got the computer back early this morning, but couldn't hook it up until 6:00 pm.

It couldn't find a hard drive.

(I tell you - they *know* when they are in the presence of the repairman!)

I called Joe. No answer. He works out of his home, but he seems to think he gets a home life, and refuses to do business on weekends. So I'm looking at another weekend with no computer. I left a message - "Guess what, Joe? No hard drive."

I thought about it. What could make it work one time and not another? Then I remembered that he had made a comment to the effect of "I thought maybe the hard drive had come unplugged, but it wasn't." Yeah, unplugged would do it. So I pulled the side off and messed with the wires. And sure enough, when one wire was moved there was an ominous click. 'Click' and it works; 'click' and it doesn't work. The wide flat cable is loose where it plugs into the motherboard. Yay. I tried pushing it in more firmly, but I think the connection is just too iffy.

So I got it to the 'click'-working stage, plugged in the fan on the cover without breathing, slid the cover into place very carefully, and pushed the computer into it's place. Smoothly. It's working.

No, I'm not on it right now. At the moment I'm partitioning the hard drive. I'm a fanatic about that. Then I will load AOL so that I have a virus checker.

Then I may just go read what I have written of my story. I miss it. I like it whether anyone else does or not. So there. *does raspberry*
Tags: computer
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