Taro (mother2012) wrote,

First off, can someone please tell me where the list is, and where to send the book next?


This book is terrific. Not in a world-building way like Tolkein or Bujold; not in a huge, complex plot way like Harry Potter, or wonder like the Pern Books, or sweeping history of Asimov. But in following the emotional growth of two boys who find each other and who manage to overcome obstacles of family and circumstance to stay together, it carries a huge impact. I'm ready to cry and crow with them.

I can't help comparing to Heavenly Creatures. Why did I feel little empathy for those girls and so much for these boys? Why did I feel that the parents of the girls, while maybe not making the best choice in deciding to separate them, were within their rights, while I don't agree that these boys' parents have any right to separate them?

Perhaps it's because in this book, the boys love for their families, and the love returned to them, is obvious; while the girls were willing to kill to stay together. Perhaps it's because these boys were both attracted to each other without coersion, while I felt that one of the girls of Heavenly Creatures was not so much Lesbian as simply trying to please her best friend. At least, that's the way it came across to me. I guess I'm saying that I find mature self-examination and planning for the future on the part of the boys, but the girls seemed to me totally self-absorbed, caught up in emotion of the moment like any teenager in an inappropriate relationship. The boys are equal, each of them thoughtful and whole, neither coerced, and making mature plans for their future. Without resorting to destroying someone else.

In any case, there isn't anyone on my flist who would not fully love this book. One of the previous readers on the list commented that it reads very much like a DomLijah AU; that it does. I can so picture them in these roles.

Oh and, previous readers? I love the little margin comments. It makes me feel like I'm not reading it alone; that you're all enjoying it with me.
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