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Had I mentioned that my computer is totally disfunctional? It's sitting on a stool on it's side holding up my prunes and my papers for Toronto. Since I messed with the drives, it won't even fire up. It gets to the location that checks the hardware, and there it sits. Computer Guy gets back Tuesday. I'm betting he'll be too busy catching up to do anything with it for awhile.

Went to the Toronto SFX volunteers' meeting yesterday. Two hours driving up, a half hour finding the place (well, walking around trying to re-find it after parking), two and a half hours driving home, for a half hour meeting. I think it was probably worth it to me, this time, but next year I'll skip the meeting, thankyoujustthesame. We're to get an e-mail on Tuesday about our shifts.

But I was fore-thoughtful enough to scope out the place I'm staying, make note of the driving route (mostly one-way streets) and where I'll likely park near the Convention Center (probably different than last year, since they have moved buildings).

I'm just really worried about my physical ability to do this. Last year, I had guarded my health for months in advance and was as fit as I'll ever be. This year, that half hour of walking on the street had me exhausted. At least I ate *no* sugar yesterday, and barely any carbs at all. I had carrot salad, cauliflower salad, a few cashews, and later I gave in to a half bowl of Raisin Bran. Well ... I suppose that has a little sugar, but not a significant amount. I hope. But how to get through today? And tomorrow?
Tags: computer, sfx
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