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Please bear in mind that the following is entirely invented. The legend which follows immediately fits in well with Tolkien's vision, but is entirely invented by me. The Julien Calendar year chosen (1041 BCE) is meant to correspond to the Shire Reckoning year of 1368, but this is my own supposition based on the Legend I invented and what works astrologically. The Natal Horoscope proposed for Frodo is viable - if he were indeed born on September 22, 1041 BCE, this reflects the positions of the planets for that date. The interpretations are from here and are nothing I did - I have a passing knowledge of astrology, but do not call myself an astrologer.)

The Hobbit Plan

Thousands of years before the Romans came to Britain, before civilization lost the knowledge that the Gods had given them, back when the Nefilim created Sumer and gifted Man with Fire and Law, there were those among the race of Gods who found beautiful the hills and vales of England. In that place, they decided to create a race who would worship them, and also appreciate the glorious beauty around them.

On the Isle they played with their creation, first fashioning Elves in the pattern of Adam, destined to live forever, tall and graceful, wise and intelligent; they seemed soulless to the race of Men who came later. But the Gods found the Elves unexciting. They had nothing to learn but art, nothing to hope for but unending beauty.

So the fathers of the wizards created flawed races, Dwarves and Men, who needed to overcome limitation and learn to accept others who were different. They allowed evil to creep in - Elves who were tortured into anger and pain became resurrected to an opposite life of ugliness and greed as the Orc. Dwarves who had spent their lives in selfishness, living in the shadow of fear and self-seeking, became shades of themselves, existing as Goblins.

Man was an encouraging invention. The Nefilim endowed this creation with their own blood and breath, and Man's soul left the earth upon death, instead of converting to a lesser creature.

But in all of this, the Gods tired of the seriousness, the warfare, the power struggles and the bloodshed.

And so they created the Hobbit. To laugh and love, drink and smoke, and take no thought for the morrow. They endowed this creature with a love of the earth, of all things growing, and of all things merry.

But as the old Gods died out their sons, the wizards, began to understand that the evil that had been allowed would one day take over all that was good in the land; that there would come a reckoning. By careful grooming, a Man was raised up to behead the evil of his time, to turn the tide and restore the balance. But the Man failed.

Rescuing what they could of the plan, carefully training the heir of Isuldur, The Wizards turned now to the Hobbits. And so, in the year 1368 (by Shire Reckoning), a Hobbit was born of special destiny, his fate carefully prepared, his stars carefully aligned, that he would be able to fulfill the task set before him.

Tolkien did not tell us, in Julien years, when the events of Lord of the Rings occurred. I reason that it has to have been a time before the Romans conquered England, before we have any history of that country. It is, however, a long history that Tolkien recites - the Elves have been there for thousands of years. So would the origin of the Elves correspond to the rise of Sumer in the Near East? Would the Gods place Elves in England as an experiment corresponding to placing Man in Iran? That's what makes sense to me. LotR, then, would take place toward the end of that blank era of time.

I have studied the charts for up to 3000 BC, and have settled on the year 1041 BC for various reasons. One of the primary reasons for this is shown near the middle of this post: The Era of Uranus in Scorpio, when people of all races would have been driven to rise up in protest to defend their way of life. When Pluto was in Gemini, influencing a generation of people to choose sides between Good and Evil. When Neptune was in Cancer, inspiring Men to protect their homes and way of life.

How to read this:

Bear in mind that no one of these paragraphs will be exactly right in all respects. That would imply that all people born in a month are exactly alike. Each influence is modified by all of the other influences. For instance, September 22 is the very end of Virgo; therefore it is highly modified by Libra. I have not included Libra Sun in this list however, because Frodo does seem to be predominately Virgo anyway, and to include the Libra would add a lot of text for little purpose.

I have bolded the phrases most relevant to our Frodo, so that they are really all that is necessary to read.

September 22, 1368
(By the Shire Reckoning)

Sun in Virgo
Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, and the Sun is in this sign from 23 August until 22 September each year. The symbol for Virgo is the Virgin, denoting the puritanical demeanor usually common to those of this sign.

In Virgo the Sun is orderly and thoughtful. With the Sun in Virgo you are predisposed to be hardworking, conscientious, and well-organized. Modest, discriminating and thorough, everything you do, you do well. Practical and down to earth, you are a diligent worker with a competent, discriminating intellect. You are highly analytical and exacting, especially adapted to handling projects with painstaking perfection. Thus, you are fond of good workmanship and the utmost in quality. You are dependable because your approach is always one based on common sense and a realistic and analytical assessment of the problem.

You give much attention to detail, but you can carry this to extremes, becoming fussy and critical, sometimes interfering. Large-scale projects can overwhelm you because of your insistence on perfection. Unless you can deliver such quality, you may become frustrated and discouraged. There is always the tendency and danger with Virgo that the big picture idea will be missed in search of minute details. You expect yourself and everyone around you to be perfect, often setting yourself up for disappointment. Your outlook is too negative and picky sometimes.

Modest and unassuming, you are usually content to live in the background. Your attitude, at times, can become puritanical and prudish. You consider yourself an ordinary person, and you are never given to any airs of pretentiousness or showing off. There may be a tendency for you to see your role as one of service and "behind the scenes" support activity.

You have a serious attitude toward refining your mind and acquiring knowledge. With your highly varied interests, you can gain a remarkable amount of data about different subjects. You instinctively know that you must grasp all parts before you can fully understand the whole. Systematizing and detail organization are your strengths. You are idealistic, but always practical and reasonable. You're not likely to make general statements based on too few facts.

You may be somewhat health conscious, for you have an instinctive sense of balance in diet. You're very sensible in taking care of your health, and for that matter, the health of others. Often, the Virgo becomes exceptionally neat and orderly, even a bit neurotic about cleanliness. You're likely to be susceptible to stress related problems because you do tend to worry too much.

Moon in Leo
A Leo Moon produces an air of confidence and a desire to lead. Self-confident, cheerful and optimistic, your emotional outlook on life is positive and upbeat. In Leo, the emotions are carefree, gay, and often pleasure-seeking.

Self-sufficient and self-reliant, you get deeply and emotionally involved with all that you do. This Moon definitely accents personality, and causes a tendency toward display. It is likely that an attitude has been instilled in you that you can do anything you want, and that your creative ability has no actual bounds. You may have been spoiled somewhat. There is a need to be admired and applauded, and you seek appreciation constantly. You have an innate sense of the dramatic and always do things with a flair. Something of a showman, entertaining may come naturally for you. You seem to thrive on constant attention and you are something of a flirt, expecting the object of your flirtations to be responsive, as well.

The Moon has a natural association with the fourth house of the horoscope, or the home. Moon in Leo gives a natural creative flair to make the home a show place. You may have a gift for interior design and be good with color and decorating. You think of your home as your castle, and you may have a tendency to overextend yourself financially to impress others with your fine life-style.

You are uplifted socially and you command respect. Your reactions are straight-forward and usually dignified, enabling you to garner esteem and responsibility. You have a deep-seated need for this respect and nothing hurts you more than not feeling as though you are appreciated. One thing you can't handle very well is someone stepping on your pride.

There is a natural love of luxury and a desire for social pomp and prominence as Moon in Leo lends a certain nobility to the persona. There may be an inborn tendency to be somewhat pretentious. Thus, sometimes you can be a little self-centered and even pompous, lacking objectivity and having a blind spot in your emotional perspective. It's very hard for you to ever back down or to accept any sort of a compromise.

The Moon in Leo tends to produce a loving and very devoted parent, boss, or ruler, but it is important that leadership potential not be spoiled by the tendency towards being bossy, arrogance, and displaying an overbearing ego. Emotions are powerful with Moon in Leo, and the drive for prominence and power is very strong, as well. Unless the Moon is harshly aspected, you should be like the benevolent monarch, having a great sense of charity and being a rather generous person. You are one who projects concern with an optimistic approach to life.

Virgo Sun/Leo Moon
The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces a very earnest, if contradictory personality. The pairing blends the intelligence, analytical insight and discrimination of Virgo, with the vitality, confidence and authoritativeness of Leo. There is much internal indecision in your nature, but the Virgo personality is sure to rule. You do what you should, instead of what you would. You are naturally conscientious, revealing great working capacity or devotion to duty. You have a very confident and positive personality, often proving assertive, sometimes aggressive. Your assertive impulses may cause you to spend some time worrying when you later take the time to reflect and analyze what you have said or done. You feel better when you can hold back until you have that inner confidence that the direction you're headed is correct. You're a person of very high character and strong principles. You rely on individual worth and expect others to recognize your sincerity, and they usually do. You have a practical individuality and a discriminating nature. Your strengths of character and high principles should help you attain your potentials in life.

Sagittarius rising
Sagittarius rising produces a personality that is restless, outgoing, and very independent. This Ascendant is one that produces goal oriented individuals; people with a long-range outlook and philosophical attitude. Your ambitions are geared to those long-range and large-scale goals. Simultaneously, you are apt to have a positive and optimistic outlook. You feel matters will turn out okay, no matter how large the challenge may be.

You have strong urges to cover vast distances, both physically and mentally. Usually, everything does turn out well for you. Your "Ruling" planet is Jupiter, the "great benefic." Jupiter is considered the luckiest planet in the zodiac. It produces a personality characterized by humor and a happy-go-lucky disposition. You have a need to experience life fully in a variety of ways. Open and friendly, you are usually cheerful, interested, and jovial.

One difficulty that you may have from time to time is that you to take everything and everyone for granted. You don't like dealing with pessimistic or emotional people, and you don't want the burden of dealing with their problems. You don't even like dealing with your own problems, often ignoring them with an attitude that if you don't acknowledge these situations, they will go away. There may be a fear of disappointment in your makeup that can prevent you from seeing your path to success clearly.

Although you are an excellent abstract thinker, you are also very much an outdoor person. You love nature. In this vein, you are a very spiritual person who can tune in to the higher forces in life simply by taking a walk in the woods.

You are a very direct person. Your speech can be blunt and to the point, often lacking in tact and diplomacy. Your reasoning powers are superb. To be fulfilled, you need a constant challenge and goal. If these two factors are combined in effective ways in your life, you may do much. This sign enjoys the good fortune of having thought patterns that remain young and fresh throughout life. Your outlook won't become jaded by time or turmoil.

Mars in Aries
Mars is at its strongest in Aries, its natural sign. This placement represents high energy, initiative, courage and impulsiveness. Most of the energies seem to come out as the physical and emotional type, but in Aries, Mars is very active and assertive in demonstrating enthusiasm for all four types of energy. This is a very powerful position for Mars.

You have an unrestricted drive to get projects done, to start new projects, and to act decisively. Your enthusiasm is contagious. An individualist with quite an ego, you always want to do things your way. Based on the influence of this planet taken by itself, you are not good at compromise or teamwork. There is a major part of you that always wants to charge out ahead of the pack and be the leader. Despite your apparent leadership abilities, you may function best when you are working alone and independently because of your demand to have your own way. If you are in a group, you will aspire to be the leader. Headstrong and independent, you won't tolerate opposition or interference and your temper can get you into trouble at times. Mars in Aries makes you very competitive in a variety of ways. This is perhaps the most courageous and enterprising Mars position.

You have a very strong sex drive which is spontaneous and easily aroused. Self-control can be a problem in this regard. As on the physical side, you are often unrestrained and very demanding emotionally.

The negative side of Mars in Aries is a lack of patience and discipline. Self-control and humility can be hard lessons, and often they are never mastered.

Mercury in Libra
In Libra, Mercury produces a mind that is well balanced, rational, and very judicial. You hate arguments and prefer to discuss issues or to reason together. You are polished in your expression, and this helps make you appear very diplomatic always. You may be very deeply concerned with human relations and psychology. You have a curiosity about people and the way they think. Getting along well with others is very central to your interests. You are easy to talk to because you listen with interest and you're honest in your response.

Although you are friendly and broad-minded, you can be stern when your principles are involved. Justice and balance are strong in your nature. You don't handle conflict all that well, and when people talk to you in a crude or uncouth manner, you back away and reject any contact, if you can.

You are really not readily adaptable to rapidly changing situations, because you have such a tendency to study issues so carefully before committing yourself. You must concentrate ever to attain a sense of expediency or decisiveness. Yet you can be counted on to relate fully both sides of any issue. Making a decision between two good options can be very difficult for you sometimes.

Venus in Leo
If Venus is in Leo in your chart it suggests a behavior that is theatrical, with a good deal of personal and social pride. Venus in Leo is warm-hearted and fun-loving, a natural showman with a need for self-expression. There is an innate need to be in the spotlight and center of attention.

You have much physical and emotional magnetism that attracts romantic interest easily. You thrive on these attractions and what they mean to your ego. Romance helps you maintain your high opinion of yourself. You are happiest when you are in love and when bestowing your gift of romance on a lucky admirer.

Glamour, excitement and charm mark your courtship endeavors. You are lavish with your attentions, presents, and with yourself. The Venus Leo in love is sincere and whole-hearted. You are one of the most romantic and ardent of lovers. This is an outgoing and affectionate position for Venus, as you truly love life and romantic drama.

You can be very loyal to those whom you think worthy of your affections, but you expect strong affections in return. Despite all the fun and show, you are an extremely stable and loyal partner. You are basically a one-love person because your pride is so wrapped up in your relationships. If there is a break in a serious relationship, it will most likely be a very hard and bitter one.

While you are innately faithful in love, you are not one to discourage or ignore other admirers. You love to be noticed and admired. You enjoy attracting romantic interest, though you have no interest or desire to follow through on these idle flirtations.

Jupiter in Sagittarius
Jupiter is in Sagittarius in your chart. This is the natural sign for Jupiter and it generally creates a carefree, outgoing, optimistic individual. You enjoy making life better for others. You are an outdoors type, fond of sports and travel. You have a serious interest in matters pertaining to philosophy, religion or significant social issues. Your approach to life and how you conduct your affairs may be regulated by your strong convictions. You are likely to want to win over as many converts as you can to your way of thinking or beliefs. You can become very dogmatic in your views and good at selling them. You will prosper in life, but you spend freely, so you may never be wealthy.

Saturn in Capricorn
Saturn in Capricorn gives much ambition and desire for power. Saturn is strongest here because this is its natural sign. Your career is very important to you. You invest much into it and you expect to get much out of it. You are a common sense organizer and planner. Diligent and dependable, you want to assume responsibility. You always do more than your share, yet you may find it hard to delegate authority, for you mistrust others' ability to live up to your standards. You are most comfortable in the business or government environment. You prefer the impersonal, structured, and unemotional working situation. Your rise to the top will probably be very slow, but it will be steady. Your utter determination will eventually pay off, if perhaps rather late in life.

Uranus in Scorpio
Many of your peers born during the years when Uranus was in Scorpio are apt to bring about massive and often disruptive changes. The seeds of revolution and instability may take root from within this group.

Sun in Tenth House
This placement denotes fame and honor, or sometimes scandal. In either case, this position is one that suggests you will be noticed. You are driven to reach a station of authority, power or responsibility. Often, this is an indicator of some degree of worldly honor, political power, or professional achievement of special note. Your example inspires others and your determination to make a name for yourself will likely lead to a growing reputation. Few with this elevated Sun remain obscure. Respect and social standing are necessary for you, and you may have been born to these. In a certain sense, the term nobility may fit you. You abhor anything demeaning to your dignity and moral respectability.

Moon in Eighth house
The Moon in the eighth house projects its influence by emphasizing the feeling that security is of the utmost importance. You have a saving instinct for the future, almost to the extent of self-denial. You have a strong sense of duty and obligation to others. It is not unlikely that you might become a part of some movement or cause dedicated to the improvement or uplifting of people en masse. You are very sensitive to social currents and social demands. In some instances, this position may indicate one who can or does manipulate money from others. Often it signifies the likelihood of inheriting money.

Mercury in Tenth House
Mercury positioned in the tenth house produces an association with this house of personal attainment. This position suggests you possess excellent speaking and writing abilities that can be used effectively in your career and in attaining professional recognition. Your career is important to you, and your strategy in this regard has to be carefully planned, including education and preparation to attain your goals. The benefit of Mercury here is the ability to communicate ideas to the public; expertise in speech making, publishing, and political strategy, are often found.

Venus in Eighth House
This placement predicts financial gain through marriage, other partnerships, or social relations. Frequently, this position of Venus is associated with an inheritance. Sometimes, marriage is motivated by the prospects of financial gain. Usually, the placement increases the degree of possessiveness and jealousy existing in the relationship. In this house, financial affairs are joint in nature, or coming from other than one's own efforts. Venus here often smoothes the way in this regard. Its presence can produce a degree of inertia or laziness, simply because of the ease with which success occurs.

Mars in Fifth House
This association of Mars with the fifth house shows a great expenditure of energies pursuing the pleasures of life, including romances. You are athletic, impulsive and fickle. Mars in the fifth will expand on inclinations toward showing off, theater, or creative talent. You have an active and aggressive sex drive, making you highly competitive in courtship, and jealousy during this period of your life may be apparent. You love to compete, but may be a bad loser. Sociable, and a born promoter, you may be a bit self-indulgent, and at times, foolhardy. Many your activities and much of your energy may be related to children.

Jupiter in First House
Jupiter in the first house shows that this planet plays an important part shaping your personality. This can be both good and bad, depending on how it's handled. A first house Jupiter is broad-minded and optimistic. You focus on the brighter side of life. You are honest, trustworthy, and benevolent, and for these, you are well liked and popular. On the negative side, Jupiter here can make one too self-indulgent, extravagant, or conceited. Being the planet of expansion, you may have to deal with a weight problem. Anyway, this position increases your self-confidence and gives you a somewhat dignified manner, especially as you grow older. You are likely to have strong religious or moral convictions. This gives you the capacity to become an authority or a leader in whatever field of endeavor you select. This may be especially so in activities relating to religion, education or social development.

Saturn in Second House
Saturn positioned in the second house of financial and material affairs denotes a good deal of ambition and hard work associated with accumulating material security. You are shrewd in business and always get your money's worth. The urge to conserve is accented, and you are very practical about saving for that rainy day. Some with this placement are down right miserly. Although financial security is a difficult goal to achieve, and it is likely to meet with many delays and obstacles.

Uranus in Eleventh House
Uranus in the eleventh house exerts its erratic behavior in this house of your hopes and wishes, and with friends and associations. This placement suggests that your life's goals and ambitions can change in a sudden and unpredictable fashion. You have some difficulty making up your mind and settling into your life work. You make friends easily but keep a distance and probably have few close relationships. Your friends tend be freethinking and forward looking, and with them, you promote liberal and progressive causes.

Neptune in Seventh House
Neptune in the seventh house indirectly imposes an influence upon your ability to interact with others and to function in marital and other relationships. This placement can produce idealistic and often unrealistic views regarding marital relations, and for that matter, all types of relationships. Sometimes there is a strong psychic link with the marriage partner, and there is usually a strong intuitive awareness of other people.

Pluto in Sixth House
Pluto in the sixth house allows you to make major improvements in your work environment, but usually with methods that could be considered revolutionary or excessively strong-willed. When this planet becomes active in your chart, you can be an overbearing person toward coworkers or your employees, and this planet often produces major upsets in this environment. You may be an extremist when it comes to health and fitness issues.

Sun square Jupiter
A square formed between the Sun and Jupiter shows that you are the kind of person who takes on more than is expected. You may lack moderation in much you do. In many ways, you're an extremist. You expect too much of yourself and sometimes you expect too much of others. Yet you always have the good intentions. Full of vitality, you know how to have a good time if you let yourself go. Even if your nature is sober, this aspect provides a certain verve and good spirit. There is a lot of the wheeler-dealer in this aspect, as an expansiveness marks your nature. The negative side of this aspect is that self-indulgence may cause physical problems. Food (especially rich foods), drink, and pleasure must be balanced by moderation with sufficient rest.

Sun trine Saturn
A trine formed between the Sun and Saturn makes it easy for you to accept and handle responsibility. Difficult times in your life result in minimal struggle. You inherently know how to react to problems and take advantage of counteracting opportunities. You may have ambitions, but these are not very strong. Most of the time you attain success by doing what is right, when the time is right. Somehow you bring a sense of stability to every situation. Life is not always a basket of roses, and sometimes you get depressed and deflated. Yet you can always get reorganized and back on the right track.

Moon conjunct Venus
The Moon and Venus in conjunction shows an ability to relate very easily to people. You find it easy to be friendly with just about everyone. Occasionally, you can be so friendly that you may arouse suspicions in some more jaded souls. You're never one to wait for the other person to make the first gesture when introduced, and you can put anyone at ease with your affable ways. You are extremely responsive to friendliness and abhor rudeness. There is little pretense about you. You act the way you do simply because you think it is and because of your early training.

Moon sextile Pluto
The sextile between the Moon and Pluto generates emotional understanding in your nature. You are deeply emotional, but controlled. You enjoy personal contact with others, yet you will not waste time with casual relationships. Occasionally, you may withdraw into yourself, and alienate others. You are an excellent manager because you can remove the nonessentials in your life. You have the innate ability to understand and respond to others.

Mercury sextile Venus
The sextile formed between Mercury and Venus shows grace and skill in your speech and writing. Often this aspect shows talent in a literary sense or in composing music. You know how to express your opinions with skill and color, and without being argumentative. You are refined in your presentations and you usually see to it that your position is well documented and tactfully delivered. Your personality is more easygoing than other factors in your horoscope may suggest.

Venus square Mars
Venus is square Mars in your chart suggesting emotional problems about romance and most other relations with the opposite sex. An early marriage often results from this aspect. There may be feelings of oppression or of suppression in your relationships. Jealousy and resentment are often attached to this placement. Men with this aspect are likely to offend women with their coarse manners. Women with the aspect often have an excessively emotional temperament.

Venus square Uranus
The square formed between Venus and Uranus suggests a free spirit who's hard to tie down to a permanent relationship. You are fascinated by individuals who have unusual qualities. A fickle nature makes it hard for you to accept the responsibility of belonging to one person. Touchy and willful, you have a problem with the opposite sex that may have roots in a deep inferiority complex. There is a tendency to defy convention and become a little bored with those who submit to it. You are used to having your own way and expect it. You confuse love and friendship, but you don't become over attached to friends or lovers. A nervous condition may result from this configuration, especially if you fail to get adequate rest.

Mars opposed Uranus
The opposition between Mars and Uranus excites to competition and arouses others to challenge you. You're demanding and authoritative. You thrive on argument, even when you aren't serious about it. Because of these assertive leanings, you can make an excellent salesperson, but you may have some problems with human relations. You don't tolerate restrictions of your freedom and mobility, needing to be constantly on the move. You may be attracted to hazardous activities such as flying, racing, exploring, or mountain climbing. Because you are accident prone, these and other similar pastimes are not recommended. You must be careful and take safety precautions. Avoid desires to throw caution to the winds, because you need not prove yourself in these ways. You may not be an easy person to live with because of periodic outbursts of temper and sometimes cantankerous attitude. A revolutionary, you are likely to oppose tradition with its limits on individuality. You want your way, and can be critical of any authority.

Jupiter opposed Neptune
The opposition between Jupiter and Neptune shows a tendency to promise more than you can fulfill. You are creatively talented, but you must develop self-discipline to channel your energies in a productive direction. This aspect showing a lack of practicality damages business and financial affairs. You are extremely generous and kindhearted, but you may lack discrimination in this regard. You are somewhat revolutionary and may be over-emotional in your personal involvements. This aspect often denotes difficulty with drugs or alcohol.
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