Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Choice meme

From Ismenin by way of ODQ and LSR:

Choose one or the other:
1. Elijah's eyes or Billy's eyes: ELIJAH! Like anyone need ask.

2. Dom or Billy: Dom

3. Viggo or Orlando: Viggo; gotta love a man who's so artsy.

4. Elijah or Sean Astin: Elijah. Sean comes nowhere near. I'm on the same planet as Ismenin.

5. Dom's smile or Billy's smile: Billy's - it's the filtrum.

6. (Frodo & Sam) or (Merry & Pippin): Hard choice. Merry/Pippin maybe, as a pair.

7. Legolas or Aragorn: Maybe Legolas. Always love the elves.

8. FOTR, TTT or ROTK (movie): FotR

9. FOTR, TTT or ROTK (book): RotK

10. Hobbit feet or elf ears: You know - anything Hobbit.

11. Elves, hobbits, or dwarves: Hobbits! (see above)

12. Rivendell, Mirkwood or Lothlorien: Lothlorien

13. Gandalf or Saruman: Gandalf

14. Arwen, Galadriel, Rosie or Eowyn: Galadriel. Because I'm not feeling very practical. Otherwise Eowyn.

15. Nazgul or The Ents: Ents. If you're talking about my backyard. But which was more necessary to the movie? Nazgul.

16. Into The West, May It Be or Steward Of Gondor: Into The West, I think. Not very musically educated.

17. Gollum or Grima: Gollum! I can pity him. Grima is just evil.

18. King Theoden or Denethor: Theoden.

19. Minas Tirith or Minas Morgul: Minas Tirith.

20. FOTR commentary or TTT commentary: FOTR - Hobbits together.

21. Elijah's butt or Dom's butt: Elijah's EVERYTHING. (Can't say it any better than did Issie.)

22. Haldir or Elrond: Elrond. Mostly book-Elrond

23. Eomer or Faramir: Faramir all the way.

24. Gondor or Rohan: Rohan. Never got over my love of horses.

25. (Aragorn & Arwen) or (Eowyn & Faramir): Yes, please!
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