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This is what I meant to post yesterday, but LJ wouldn't cooperate. Did anyone else have trouble with it yesterday?


I am so lucky. Well, at least as far as my church is concerned. (See more recent post.)

The minister is wonderful. He's pleasant, friendly, intelligent, and always has a message that informs me of something. And the choir director (the Minister of Music) is fantastic. We have a choir that people would pay to hear. And she brings it into the congregation. Today the choir stood in the aisles while we sang a particular song (Comfort me ... pray with me ... hold my hand ... dance with me ... ) and we 'acted out' the song to a large extent - people dancing in the aisles - I moved across to the other end of the pew to hold the hand of an elderly woman who hadn't stood up to sing. She smiled at me beautifully.

There was a lesbian couple in front of us, one black, one white. My sweetheart Michael, Dave's husband, is teaching a class this year, so he leaves for most of the service to be in class.

Michelle, beautiful, Spanish, sparkling dark eyes, sang a solo. She's a joy to watch.

Martha, giving the children's story, looked so beautiful today. She was talking about the fact that everyone has a lonely place inside them. That's what drives people to reach out to others.

Our new ministerial intern may not be particularly inspiring yet, but she has enthusiasm and a lovely smile. She'll do all right.

Besides all that, the sun was shining and I was wearing a new blouse.
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