Taro (mother2012) wrote,

So how did I do on my list of things to have done by today? Good and bad, I guess. More than I really expected.

On Project 1) ... cut a hole in the wall and dry-wall it up, so that the jutting piece (of the TV) fits right back into the wall... - done

While I'm at it, I need to apply drywall around the rest of the stand, at the ends of the shelves, and under the bottom one, so that it's all smooth and nice looking. - not done

On Project 2) ... cut a hole in the wall between the hall and the livingroom and pull that nightlight (and all its wiring) through, so that the light is where needed. - not done

On Project 3) ... have decent floor on (the middle attic room). I have some carpeting in the closet which will probably do a nice job of that. - not only is that done, but there is a good, official-looking step down into it, rather than just the end of the floor dropping away.

(Oh, and some drywall has to go up there, too.) - done

Project 4) Mary's sliding door between her livingroom and bedroom doesn't work properly. It sticks sometimes. - not even looked at

On Project 5) The good ol' furnace issue. HA!

Project 6) I have *got* to create more storage space. - some progress made; materials bought

BUT, I accomplished something really big! On Monday, I went and bought the materials - four sheets of 5/8 exterior plywood, two rolls of very clear 4x25 plastic sheeting, a dozen furring strips, a good primer and a satin-gloss paint - about $200. I had them cut my plywood at the store. Then Monday night I primed the plywood and Tuesday I painted it. Yesterday, my son Robert and I enclosed the porch.

I wish I could show you a picture. It looks really nice. I put the plywood four feet up around the bottom, behind the wood rail, so that the natural wood rail is contrasted against the dark green plywood. Then I wrapped the plastic around the furring strips (cut to the proper length, of course) and stapled it; then screwed the furring strips to the top edge of the plywood, outside, so that there is a natural trim around the top of the green. Then pulled the plastic up to the top, wrapped around another furring strip, and screwed down there. While being extremely, irritatingly fussy about the plasic not having wrinkles.

It was a whole lot harder than this makes it sound, yet easier than I had expected, and it looks great. I will hang my icicle lights inside, and they will still show through the plastic. Then the whole thing is easily taken down to store for next year. (This is because I use only screws. Screws, folks! Don't nail anything except a roof. And I'm not so sure about that. With screws you just take your trusty drill, set it on reverse, and zap them back out again.)
Tags: house
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