Taro (mother2012) wrote,



The idea is good. The cameramanship is a bit difficult to follow. Elijah is beautiful. The subplots are all fascinating, and I could have done with a longer movie to have them each devoloped just a little more. The acting couldn't be better. It's wonderful. (And the end *is* surprising, though it really shouldn't be. Don't forget to read the text at the very end.)

My husband cried.

My son was mostly bored. I told him I didn't find a boring moment in it anywhere. But it's not for the person who can only enjoy an action movie.

Of the seven who went to dinner for my birthday, only six made it to the movie. We went to Red Lobster, left there $200 later and just made it to the 10:00 showing.

My daughter gave me a little antique pewter box and a drawing of herself and me.

That sentence seems like a superfluous appendage, but I love both the drawing and the box.

P.S. - she isn't fat. I don't know why she drew herself that way. I, however, am.
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