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It has been nine days since I updated. Time flies.

I've been kinda busy. Raederle is having a party on Sunday evening, which has stepped up the I've-got-to-get-Raederle's-room decent scenario somewhat.

We've plastered and painted and moved things around, and put down carpet. A big job this week was that, after moving her bed, the raised 'floor' under it needed to be redone to make it solid. She wanted to keep it raised, but the bed had been resting on scraps. So I did that. Then I redid it because the three pieces came to a point in the middle. Then I redid it because the piece across the back was higher than the front two.

Then we got more of the black squares of floor tile and Raederle put down several before going to bed that night. In the morning, they were bubbling up. These are supposed to be the same as we got last year, but apparently they are now cheaper. She kinda lost it, and her friend Tuan and I pulled them up and replaced them, using thinner glue. I suspect that the thick layer of glue that Raederle was used to using was soaking into these cheaper tiles. As far as I know, they are still down; but that chewed up a large chunk of Wednesday. Thursday, Rae and I went shopping - mostly for stuff for her party. We managed to spend a lot of money and seven hours.

But I'm making good progress with the plumbing. I'm sure she's going to have water up there for Sunday. Both hot and cold!

I realized in looking at the cellar that there was a long water pipe going across the ceiling right where we want to put the new duct work. It is now gone, all hot water for the upper floors to be routed up one pipe. It goes directly to Mary's sink, then the bathtub. I have all the new pipe laid and connected to go to the bathroom sink, the washer, and the attic. But when I connected it behind the wall this morning, it leaked seriously.

Now if you can follow this - the hot water goes from the intake pipe to a hose to a triple-prong hose thingy (hub?) and out of that to Mary's sink and the tub. So I took the tub hose off the hub and put a second one just like it on there, screwed the tub hose into one of those and connected the other one to the new line running under the floor. All well and good except that the new hub leaked. When I took it apart, I discovered that it had lost it's gasket; but taking it apart was hairy because the new PVC pipe was now glued into place. It conveniently unglued for me though, when I took the pipe wrench to it. Put a new gasket in the second hub, screw the tub hose back on, add the PVC connection, glue together, turn on hot water - leaked worse than the first time. Seriously worse. Glue won't conveniently break free this time, saw off PVC pipe, uncrew tub hose, unscrew second hub from first hub - the gasket had gotten crooked putting it together. I gave up for the night because people were wanting baths, and just put the tub hose back on.

Meantime, Dale (who is now staying home from work many days because he'll lose vacation days on January 1st), Robert, Carlos and I spent most of the day in the cellar. We cleaned up rubbish, threw out stuff that has morphed into trash in the last 20 years, built a workbench, moved an electrical junction box that was in the way of the new ductwork (adding in an outlet), moved the old furnace (which Dale refuses to simply throw away) into an out-of-the-way corner, and Dale went to Home Depot and brought back rectangular ducting. With no connection pieces because he wasn't sure which ones were needed. He also got more of that particular ducting than we will ever in our lifetimes need. So I really ought to go return some of it for the connectors. Tomorrow? Nope - entire day on Raederle's room. Sunday? Maybe.

I even made dinner. *plays Superman theme*
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