Taro (mother2012) wrote,


Okay the kid was nineteen, I think. It's a very good accomplishment for a teenager. Personally, I think that Raederle's writing is better, but I'm probably prejudiced. I haven't finished the book, I haven't even gotten very far in it. But Daughterly wanted to see a movie, so we went.

In fairness, the movie is lovely to look at - pretty heros, ugly villians, gorgeous dragon, nice flying animation. As for the rest of it - the Urgals have been turned into fake orcs, the Shade is a bad Saruman (ugly and with red hair), the battle scene is underwhelming, and the dragon/rider relationship is a direct rip-off of Anne McCaffrey's Pern. If you can resist the urge to laugh at their pathetic attempts to capitalize on the fantasy craze set off by LotR, it's worth going for Teh Pretty.
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