Taro (mother2012) wrote,

What a week.

Christmas was everything I expected of it. Everything went smoothly at my sister's, and then I got Raederle down to the Hotel for the SuperGrands, because she's volunteering this year. She helped with registration, and now she's doing 'staging' which involves making sure of who competes against who each day. It's not as though she's working very hard, and she gets a hotel room (with a roommate that she likes, though she hasn't seen much) so she's having a blast.

I've taken her boyfriend, Corvair, down most evenings to be with her. Yesterday, though, we had a 'second Christmas' at my son's (Robert's) house in the evening.

My younger son (Roy) is up from Georgia for the week. He arrived early Wednesday morning. Wednesday evening, I went over to play games, and got home at midnight. Unfortunately, I was busy trying to make a third set of trays for Robert's wife. I didn't make it. I gave up 3:00 am Thursday, got 5 hours sleep, then spent all day wrapping presents. And answering the telephone. ("Hello, Mom Central ...")

We were going to go down to the SuperGrands during the day, but everyone was too busy wrapping presents. Oh, and then there was Robert's van. Broke down in the hotel parking lot Tuesday night. I got up at midnight to go down and rescue him, then we went back in the morning. I called my repairman who said that if it's the fuel pump (as we suspected), tap on the fuel tank while the key is being turned. That worked, and we got half way to the repair shop before it gave out again. On the Thruway. Call AAA - last tow - they call Thruway Authority ... long story short, I loaned him another $400 to get the fuel pump fixed and we picked it up Thursday afternoon. In between wrapping presents. So, no, we didn't make it down to the SuperGrands on Thursday.

Our second Christmas was nice, but I had a fever and was getting seriously sick. I ate a little dinner, then played Matriarch on the couch while people opened presents. Then I went in the bedroom and slept while everyone played Risk. Which about fries me, because I love playing games like that, and had to miss out.

Couldn't do anything this morning but mope, so I laid on the couch and watched RotK. Daughterly said that there would be an exhibition about 7:00 tonight. I figured Roy could pick me up, pick up Cor from work, and we'd all go down for the evening (feeling rather better than earlier), but I can't reach Roy. Robert has to pick up Patti from work at 7:45, so that put a bit of a crimp in any evening plans for him.

Then on top of all this, we can't find Cor. This is very worrying. He missed work today - no call, no show - very bad thing, which is totally unlike him, although he did leave home to go. So we're all concerned about where he is.

Aaarrgh!!! *pulls out a few hairs*

I guess I'll try calling Roy again.

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