Taro (mother2012) wrote,

My daughter amazes me. Last night she did a meditation with Cor, and went to the Akashic records. She has done that before, but everytime she went to open a book, it would be blank. This time, she actually opened the book and started reading. She read out loud to Cor, but he didn't remember much of it, and neither did she.

One of the things she got (and I really caution against reading this) is a confirmation of something else I had heard from a famous psychic. She said she saw a plain, and all the souls that have ever been human were on that plain, as little balls of light. Many of them, perhaps most, just sat down right next to the ground, barely moving. Many of them bobbed up and down. There would be a lot that bubbled up to a certain height, fewer that bobbed higher than that, some that went even higher, and so on. She was told that all the ones who just sat on the ground were those who were not capable of resounding with the higher vibratory level that the earth in entering - that of unity - and therefore those souls would not be able to incarnate on the earth anymore.

I suspect this goes along with the 'Indigo Children' information that comes for the followers of Kryon. This says that the children born after 1990 are different - smarter, kinder, more in tune with the universe. So it may be that the vibration has already changed and the lower souls are already excluded from incarnating now.

They told her more information about the changes to come, but the only other thing she remembered was that we should be viewing 2012 as the beginning rather than the end.

That's easy for *them* to say! They're already on the other side. I want to know what *we* - who are here now - have to go through before we have that better world.
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