March 29th, 2006

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You win some; you lose some.

Mary, the eBay Queen, goofed up. Of course, I'm equally guilty for not checking it. But she was so pleased to find replacement headlight units for my car for around $20 apiece. They've been sitting here in the living room for a week, waiting for the rest of the parts so that I could take it to be assembled. They looked fine. They looked like just the thing. Never mind that one of the brackets was broken in a few places. I figured we would be able to work around that.

Monday I went out to see whether I could change them myself, but it looked to be a long and complex job, so I didn't.

Yesterday morning the hood came (it was supposed to come on Thursday, but I won't complain about DHL right now), and I took the car to my Friendly Neighborhood Hammond Radiator where they are totally honest, low cost, and if they don't know how to do it they'll tell you.

What he told me was "Wrong headlights. It says right on them that they're for 1994-1997." (Car is a '91). So now he's getting my junk yard headlights for $110. Oh well. Saved more than that on the hood, not to mention the mirror. (Not to mention the car!)

But barring more unexpected complications, I will finally be back on the road tomorrow afternoon.

In other news, I'm feeling better. Raederle's feeling better. More on that when I have more time.